Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Avoid a Modest Brag

We may all be guilty of being a humble bragger, perhaps without even knowing it. You have good news to share or recently received a compliment that made you feel like a million bucks, so you try to brag while still appearing to be modest. A “modest brag” is committed when telling someone what someone else said about you or by complaining to mask your brag. Your Facebook feed is filled with humble brags. Avoid these common modest brags to keep your friends from rolling their eyes.
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The Beaming Bride. “I can’t believe I have to go back for another fitting because my gown is still too big.”  This soon-to-be-Mrs. pretends to complain, so she won’t seem insensitive sharing with her still-single bridesmaids that she is losing so much weight before her big day.

The Scholar. “My professor claimed my thesis was one of the best she has ever read. I was shocked because I barely put in enough research.” Showing off a celebrated accomplishment by pretending no effort was put in to receive accolades is all too common with a smarty-pants.

The Fitness Fiend. “Ugh. I am SO sore from the gym. My trainer really kicked my ass. He is so expensive, but it’s so worth it.” This girl may brag about her hot new figure and the fact that she can afford the luxury of a personal trainer, while covering it up with a complaint that her muscles ache.

The Macho Man. “I’m about to pass out from shoveling out everyone on our block, but it was well worth seeing the smiles on their faces.” Yes, even men can commit a modest brag.

The A-List Apartment. “I do have to stay on a budget, but I guess it’s worth it having such a large walk-in closet in my Soho one bedroom.” Apartment envy in New York City is oh-so-common. Residents with luxuries - from 24-hour doormen to a private roof deck - play down other aspects when talking about their amazing rental space.

The Boasting Beauty. "I didn't put on any makeup today and my dress is so wrinkled. I don't get why I keep getting hit on." Yes, we get that you're pretty.

The World Traveler.  “I’m exhausted from my two week vacation in Greece. I need a vacation from my vacation.” No matter how this is said, everyone around this frequent vacationer will be envious of this type of modest brag (which feels much more like a regular 'ole brag).

Are you guilty of being a modest bragger? xo

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  1. I've definitely complained about my workout before (and I really did hate/love my trainer when I had one), which is funny, because that's usually the status update that kills me the most, especially when some friends are like "I lost 20 pounds this month!" and I've been trying to lose the last five for...Oh, eight years? But the worst modest brags are from other actors who can't just say they're excited about a new role, they have to spin it into something even bigger than it is. Come on. None of us are in a one-bedroom in the best part of the city. We're all struggling here. /rant


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