Thursday, February 16, 2012

5 Reasons to Beware of Girls Without Girlfriends

Most women rely on their close girlfriends as a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board for life’s dramas and for gossip sessions on the dirty details of new crushes. Women who don’t have female friends, don’t have them for a reason. When you meet a girl without lady besties, it’s a red flag that she may get in your way of finding love. If you’re a single lady out in the dating scene, beware of girls without girlfriends.
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She’s a Serial Flirt. She will have no qualms about flirting with the guy you’ve been crushing on for weeks at a party. Right in front of you.

She "Claims" Men. You both may have met him a only a few hours ago at the bar, but she already made it clear to you (and anyone else who will listen) that she has set her sights on him, so back off.

She Never Plays Matchmaker. This woman puts herself first. She won’t ever set you up with her cute single friend, even though she claims she isn’t in love with him and she has a boyfriend. She doesn’t share well.

She’s BFF with the Guys. She’s always hanging out with dudes. This is the girl who’s been friends with your new crush or boyfriend for years, yet she never makes an attempt to befriend you. Even though you’ve tried and tried to get to know her.

She Blindsides Men. Don’t waste the time complaining about her or her recent behavior to your guy. He will never, ever, see your point. “What, Kirsten? I don’t see why you hate her so much, she’s so nice.”

Do you think girls without girlfriends make dating harder for other single girls? xo

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