Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Handbags Not to Carry on a First Date

Women in New York City are constantly on first dates, as we’re always searching for Mr. Right through a concrete jungle of Mr.Wrongs, Mr. Right Nows and Mr. One Night Stands. You already know what shoes to avoid, what not to order and what not to drink to appear like the classy lady you are.

Most guys pay no attention to what women are wearing in the sense of up-to-the-minute trends. Remember that men will notice if you look polished and put together. Carrying a purse the size of airport checked luggage might make for a scene. So, what handbags should you avoid carrying on a first date?

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Oversized Tote. This perfect-for-the-office purse fits everything - your laptop, a mini makeup bag, umbrella, water bottle and heck, even your puppy. But, carrying around a giant Mary Poppins bag may make for a scene as you lug it through a crowded bar or knock over a glass at a fancy restaurant.
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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Purse. You know that bag that you just HAD to buy for it’s adorable design, but it barely fits your iPhone and keys? Avoid bringing that miniature purse on a date, as you’ll want to carry a bit more than a tube of lipstick and a condom. Plus, it will drive him crazy to watch you struggle as your force the zipper closed to wedge in the few items you packed for the evening.

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Bedazzled Handheld Clutch. This beautiful accessory may have looked fashionable on Carrie Bradshaw, but this glittery small hard case will drive you nuts, as you have to keep it in your hands all night. If you’ll be dancing or enjoying an outdoor date, bring a bag with a cross body chain or leather strap instead, so you’re hands will be free for more important things like holding his hand or throwing your hands up in the air on the dance floor.

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Canvas Tote. He may appreciate that you’re going green, but unless your date is at your neighborhood farmer’s market, a canvas tote is not date appropriate.  This type of bag is too casual for a first date environment.

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Backpack. Even if you’re backpack is a leather hipster style, this type of bag is still too frumpy for a date. A handbag that rests on your shoulder or crosses your body is more feminine and dressed up for a date night out. Drop your backpack at your apartment or lock it up at your gym before you meet with your potential Prince Charming.


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