Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Avoid a Modest Brag

We may all be guilty of being a humble bragger, perhaps without even knowing it. You have good news to share or recently received a compliment that made you feel like a million bucks, so you try to brag while still appearing to be modest. A “modest brag” is committed when telling someone what someone else said about you or by complaining to mask your brag. Your Facebook feed is filled with humble brags. Avoid these common modest brags to keep your friends from rolling their eyes.
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The Beaming Bride. “I can’t believe I have to go back for another fitting because my gown is still too big.”  This soon-to-be-Mrs. pretends to complain, so she won’t seem insensitive sharing with her still-single bridesmaids that she is losing so much weight before her big day.

The Scholar. “My professor claimed my thesis was one of the best she has ever read. I was shocked because I barely put in enough research.” Showing off a celebrated accomplishment by pretending no effort was put in to receive accolades is all too common with a smarty-pants.

The Fitness Fiend. “Ugh. I am SO sore from the gym. My trainer really kicked my ass. He is so expensive, but it’s so worth it.” This girl may brag about her hot new figure and the fact that she can afford the luxury of a personal trainer, while covering it up with a complaint that her muscles ache.

The Macho Man. “I’m about to pass out from shoveling out everyone on our block, but it was well worth seeing the smiles on their faces.” Yes, even men can commit a modest brag.

The A-List Apartment. “I do have to stay on a budget, but I guess it’s worth it having such a large walk-in closet in my Soho one bedroom.” Apartment envy in New York City is oh-so-common. Residents with luxuries - from 24-hour doormen to a private roof deck - play down other aspects when talking about their amazing rental space.

The Boasting Beauty. "I didn't put on any makeup today and my dress is so wrinkled. I don't get why I keep getting hit on." Yes, we get that you're pretty.

The World Traveler.  “I’m exhausted from my two week vacation in Greece. I need a vacation from my vacation.” No matter how this is said, everyone around this frequent vacationer will be envious of this type of modest brag (which feels much more like a regular 'ole brag).

Are you guilty of being a modest bragger? xo

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Screening of 'BOY' & Dance Party Tonight At Knitting Factory

Skip your ordinary Tuesday night of sushi takeout and spin class to head to the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg tonight for a fun weeknight out. A free screening of the new movie BOY (which will open in NYC this Friday) will begin at 8 PM, followed by a Michael Jackson dance party in the front bar at 10 PM.

BOY was written and directed by Oscar nominee Taika Waititi (Flight of the Conchords, Eagle vs Shark) who also stars in the film. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2010, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. It since has done well in New Zealand, where it was released to much acclaim. It will get an American release on March 2, but you'll be able to see it a bit sooner than that (and for free) tonight!

You can RSVP on Facebook and learn more on BrooklynVegan. Get cultured tonight with an international comedic film and dance the night away to MJ xo

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogger of the Week at Butter Lane Cupcakes

Cupcakes have been all the rage for satisfying the sweet tooth of New Yorkers since Carrie Bradshaw and her ladies indulged in Magnolia. Since the days of Sex and the City, cupcake bakeries have popped up all over the city.
Butter Lane, an East Village favorite, offering Cupcake 101 Class and serving a variety of seasonal frosting flavors, announced yours truly as the Blogger of the Week!

I was honored with my blog listed on their Facebook page and on a board in their shop (yes, it was a bit smudged by the time I arrived, but I was flattered nonetheless). 
When I stopped by this weekend, I was gifted with cupcakes of my choice, to the delight of my roommates and boyfriend.
(My favorite flavors included Chocolate Sea Salt on a chocolate cupcake, Cinnamon and Honey on a vanilla cupcake, Peanut Butter on a chocolate cupcake and Peanut Butter on a banana cupcake)

Thanks to Butter Lane for the blogger praise! xo

Friday, February 24, 2012

Frank's Sauce Restaurant in the Lower East Side

The Frank Restaurants are East Village favorites for delicious Italian meals just like your "nonna" used to make, at an affordable price. From the crispy thin crust pizzas at Little Frankie’s to Supper’s daily risotto specials and Frank’s tender seared salmon for under $20, there is something for everyone at Frank Prisinzano’s cozy restaurants.
Sauce Restaurant is the newest addition to this sisterhood of Italian Restaurants, offering brunch and dinner to delight Lower East Side foodies. Whether it is the silverware chandeliers, displayed butcher shop meat case, East Village Radio-selected rockin’ music, or the old-school chalkboards displaying handwritten house specialties, the familiar Frank charm is all over Sauce.
The pastas are homemade and prepared daily. The pappardelle with Bolognese is rich and hearty, rivaling Locanda Verde. Don’t worry about your vegetarian pals, they can dine here too, despite the meat-friendly menu. 

Make sure to order a few plates to share, as these tiny pasta dishes are perfect for sampling a variety. The “Ice Box” Fusilli (marinara, soft ricotta cheese, pecorino and oreganata breadcrumbs), crusty and chewy Baked Farro Macaroni and the Grass Fed Bolognese with handmade pappardelle are excellent choices to share for a carb fix without feeling guilty.
Consider also ordering one or two of their sandwiches, such as a Raguboy, a sloppy meat and cheese sandwich on brioche served with a side salad.  Choose a meat including grass fed meatballs, sausages, stringless braciole (prepared in their grandmother’s tomato gravy), roast beef, heritage turkey, heritage pork (prepared in sugo d'arrosto, a rich meat gravy), bollito (slow braised), pulled beef, or pulled pork (prepared with salsa verde). Choose a cheese from fontina, provolone or mozzarella. 

Plan your next dinner date or relaxing brunch indulging at Sauce in the Lower East Side! 
Sauce Restaurant. 78 Rivington Street.

(Photos via PopSugar NYC)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Handbags Not to Carry on a First Date

Women in New York City are constantly on first dates, as we’re always searching for Mr. Right through a concrete jungle of Mr.Wrongs, Mr. Right Nows and Mr. One Night Stands. You already know what shoes to avoid, what not to order and what not to drink to appear like the classy lady you are.

Most guys pay no attention to what women are wearing in the sense of up-to-the-minute trends. Remember that men will notice if you look polished and put together. Carrying a purse the size of airport checked luggage might make for a scene. So, what handbags should you avoid carrying on a first date?

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Oversized Tote. This perfect-for-the-office purse fits everything - your laptop, a mini makeup bag, umbrella, water bottle and heck, even your puppy. But, carrying around a giant Mary Poppins bag may make for a scene as you lug it through a crowded bar or knock over a glass at a fancy restaurant.
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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Purse. You know that bag that you just HAD to buy for it’s adorable design, but it barely fits your iPhone and keys? Avoid bringing that miniature purse on a date, as you’ll want to carry a bit more than a tube of lipstick and a condom. Plus, it will drive him crazy to watch you struggle as your force the zipper closed to wedge in the few items you packed for the evening.

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Bedazzled Handheld Clutch. This beautiful accessory may have looked fashionable on Carrie Bradshaw, but this glittery small hard case will drive you nuts, as you have to keep it in your hands all night. If you’ll be dancing or enjoying an outdoor date, bring a bag with a cross body chain or leather strap instead, so you’re hands will be free for more important things like holding his hand or throwing your hands up in the air on the dance floor.

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Canvas Tote. He may appreciate that you’re going green, but unless your date is at your neighborhood farmer’s market, a canvas tote is not date appropriate.  This type of bag is too casual for a first date environment.

(via Shopbop)
Backpack. Even if you’re backpack is a leather hipster style, this type of bag is still too frumpy for a date. A handbag that rests on your shoulder or crosses your body is more feminine and dressed up for a date night out. Drop your backpack at your apartment or lock it up at your gym before you meet with your potential Prince Charming.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starbucks vs. Local Coffee Shops in the East Village

Yesterday, a Starbucks opened in the East Village, after months of protests from neighbors who prefer their local coffee shops to chains. The brand new Starbucks was even reportedly egged this weekend before their official opening.

As an East Village resident for the past 6 years, I’ve come to love my local coffee shops - especially Paradiso, B Cup, The Bean, 9th Street Espress0 and Mocha for their neighborhood vibe, menu offerings and plain ‘ole good cups of coffee.

The Starbucks took over The Bean's old space, due to issues they had a few months back making the pricey rent. Neighbors were outraged to lose a local favorite for a chain. (Happy to report The Bean's new location is much nicer and larger on 2nd ave!)

While I am not a frequent Starbucks drinker, I think they’re convenient when you’re running to the subway and are in need of a caffeine fix. They’re also reliable when you don’t have cash and want to use a card, as most local coffee shops are cash only. Starbucks also offers low-calorie breakfast items, such as a Spinach and Feta Egg White Wrap, which is a great on-the-go option to stick to your diet.

Do you think the addition of this Starbucks, along with the IHOP on 14th Street and a couple 7-Elevens changes the neighborhood to feel like the burbs rather than downtown NYC? xo

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Big Cheesy at Openhouse Gallery

Grilled cheese is a serious business in New York City. From food trucks pressing bread and cheese on the go to a recently opened shop with a grilled cheese-only menu, New Yorker’s are declaring their favorite cheesy comfort sandwiches.
Next weekend, Openhouse Gallery is hosting The Big Cheesy, a two-day grilled cheese pop up to declare the best sandwich in the city and celebrate creative takes and tastes on this childhood classic.

Participating in the celebration are Murray’s, Big Daddy’s, Casellula, Little Muenster, Lucy’s Whey, Melt Shop and Tartinery. They’ll be making seven exquisite types of grilled cheese to pair with a 16 oz. tallboy of Sixpoint Sweet Action, Righteous Ale, Crisp Pilsner or Bengali Tiger IPA. Bringing you kid sister? She can sip on Bella Lula to wash down her creamy sandwich tastings.

Guests will get one vote to leave at their favorite table. The winning chefs will get a half-page ad in Edible Manhattan, a certificate and the crown of best sandwich in the city.

To purchase tickets and reserve a time slot, go to Time Out New York Offers & Experiences. For the story on last year’s participants and photos of creamy, gooey goodness, check out my adventure at The Big Cheesy 2011.

The Big Cheesy at Openhouse Gallery. Sat & Sun Feb 25 & 26 | 1-7pm 
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