Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whole Foods NYC Donates to GLWD

What city girl doesn't already adore Whole Foods for their plentiful salad bar, crispy and creative pizzas, brown rice sushi, enormous cheese department and tempting bakery?  My friend McKenzie reminded me of another reason to love this market: their do-gooder status!
Tomorrow, January 5th,  Whole Foods Market will pledge to honor and promote God’s Love We Deliver by donating 5% of their total daily sales from their 6 NYC stores to GLWD!  5% of total sales in this hungry, health-conscious city?  That’s amazing!
Delay your mid-week grocery shopping tonight after work and head over to your neighborhood Whole Foods tomorrow.  While shopping for ingredients to complete your New Year's Resolution diet, you will be directly benefiting GLWD by helping them to continue providing our sick friends and neighbors in the community with individually tailored meals, nutrition counseling and much much more! 

Which Whole Foods location will you be shopping at tomorrow? xo

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