Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Buy Her Flowers

Most women will swoon over a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether hand delivered by her man or arriving as a surprise at her office, you'll make your lady feel special.
Find out her favorite bloom: Has she ever bought herself flowers infront of you? Or is there floral artwork in her apartment? If you can't get any clues, you can always ask her sister or best friends. They'll be excited to share that info with you (and be jealous their own man isn't as thoughtful).
Buy in season: This tip will save you a few bucks, as out of season flowers have a high cost to order, if you can find them at all. For example, peonies (my personal favorite) bloom in the spring.
A rose is a rose (unless it is the wrong color): Yellow means friendship, red is corny (and the flower of my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi) and white says wedding. If you want to choose roses, go with her favorite color or a pink variety is safe, as it is feminine and romantic.
Surprise her: Her birthday, your anniversary and Valentine's Day are all dates where flowers are expected. Why not surprise her by bringing over a bouquet on random weeknight before enjoying dinner on the couch or on a Friday to kick start her weekend with old fashioned romance?
Go wild: An unexpected variety like big, beautiful sunflowers or brightly colored tulips will make her smile. Match her fun, sexy and social personality with her flowers!


  1. found a man who got this right from the first date. shouldn't have taken me so long to realize he's a keeper.

  2. We agree with all of this and wish more guys would do it!


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