Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enjoy a Flatiron Date Night at Zero Otto Nove

The Flatiron District is a date night destination that is often overlooked. From Pipa to Duo there are a variety of delicious and romantic restaurants for a first date or an evening with Mr. Right in this neighborhood.

Zero Otto Nove, an Italian restaurant from chef Robert Paciullo in Flatiron, delivers a low-light ambiance with a menu of thin crust pizzas to share with your date and heavy pastas to comfort your tastes this winter. 

At a recent blogger event hosted by the restaurant, we dined on multiple courses, while sipping on Italian wines and cocktail specialties. 

A soft and chewy thin crust supports the classic Neapolitan-style pies.
Margarita Pizza (tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano and basil) is a traditional favorite. The pizza special of the evening was topped with mascarpone cheese, burrata, capers and arugula for a decadent and creamy pie. If this special is available when you visit, it shouldn't be missed!
Radiatori in Cartoccio (Radiatori pasta cooked in tinfoil with porchini mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and bread crumbs with shaved parmigiano cheese) is baked without being overcooked and soft. This short ribbon shaped noodle has an interesting texture, while being thick enough to support a hearty red sauce with bread crumbs and cheese.
Oricciette con Broccoli di Rapa (oricciette with broccoli rabe, toasted almonds and pecorino cheese) has a light sauce with a pesto feel.
A must-order: Brasato alla Peroni (short ribs braised in a peroni sauce with hot cherry peppers and topped with gorgonzola). These fork-tender short ribs will satisfy your red meat cravings.
Don’t miss the Nutella Calzone for a sweet dessert, which is only available by special request. Nutella is baked inside their light, thin dough then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Plan your next date night at Zero Otto Nove for a classic Italian meal, sexy lighting and excellent service by a friendly staff.  Zero Otto Nove. 15 West 21st Street.


  1. This is directly across from my office!! Great food and service! Love the pizzas. The calzones are seriously a foot long and 10 inches high! haha!

  2. I love pizza and this is my ultimate

    comfort food. I want to try that Margarita

    Pizza of Zero Otto Nove!. I have tried pizzas

    in restaurants in Norwich. I

    would give this a try too and see if my taste

    buds will love it.

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