Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Order Croxley Ales Wings for Superbowl Sunday

For the best wings in New York City, Croxley Ales in the East Village is your always-reliable source. Whether you’re a Giants fan, Pats fan, football lover or just a plain old fan of food, make your order now for Croxley’s wings to enjoy while watching the big game this Sunday.
Kick off the game with Croxley Bowl To Go! Croxley Ales “World Famous Buffalo Wings” or All White Meat Boneless Wings (available in Hot, Medium, Mild or BBQ) are available to order now in trays of 50 Wings To Go for $39.95 or 100 Wings To Go for $79.95.

Wish you could also take your favorite beer to go? Croxley’s has now granted your wish, as they will introduce growlers starting on Superbowl Sunday. Your one-stop-shop for the perfect football party is now Croxley Ales!

Croxley’s wings are plump yet crispy every night of the week. Don’t forget about The Ultimate Triple Threat: enjoy 10 cent wings at Croxleys every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday starting at 5pm. Leave the stress behind at the office and dig into wings and beer.

Be the hit of the Superbowl party this Sunday if you arrive with these kick-ass wings!  xo
Croxley Ales. 28 Avenue B. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

NYChilifest 2012 in Chelsea Market

New York City’s ultimate celebration of chili came back to Chelsea last night to the spicy satisfaction of a sold-out crowd of almost 1,000 hungry foodies and meat lovers in the form of NYChilifest.
Each ticket entitled guests access to a 500-foot concourse of chili nestled inside Chelsea Market, served by dozens of NYC’s best restaurants and popular chefs, all competing for the Golden Chili Mug 2012 title. Samuel Adams poured endless cups of beer that paired well with spicy bowls of chili at stations around the concourse, while live music played.
From the sweet and spicy chili by the team at Cookshop to the non-traditional Italian comfort food from Sara Jenkins of Porchetta and Porsena, the varieties of chili felt endless. Scoop after scoop topped with sour cream to bread crumbs to hot peppers filled up guests’ souvenir mugs and bellies. Amy’s Bread provided rolls to dip into the mugs of chili and Lucy’s Whey supplied farmstead cheeses to add a creamy touch to balance out the spicy kick.
Last year, Northern Spy Food Co., an East Village favorite, won the Golden Chili Mug 2011 title. This year they did not disappoint with a hearty and flavorful chili for guests to enjoy. An exclusive panel of on-site celebrity judges voted on the 2012 Chili Champ of NYC. The Golden Chili Mug 2012 title went to another East Village restaurant, La Palapa, whose chili blew Editor James Stewart-Meudt away. The Brooklyn Star was granted with runner up recognition. Congrats to this years winners!
Chilifest 2012 was not just about stuffing your face with the city’s best chili, as ticket proceeds went to Food Systems NYC in support of their effort to build a just and vibrant, regional food and farm economy, which promotes human and environmental health, and prevents hunger. NYChiliFest 2012 was presented by Chelsea Market, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats and The Cleaver Company.
Who’s ready to order tickets for NYChilifest 2013? xo

Friday, January 27, 2012

6 Shoes Not to Wear on a First Date

It’s time for yet another first date. You already know what not to order and what not to drink to appear like the classy lady you are. But, what about footwear? Most guys pay no attention to what women are wearing in the sense of up-to-the-minute trends. But, many men will notice if you look polished and put together. Wearing overly suggestive garments or shoes could turn him off (and possibly make him question your day job). To play it safe, a simple pump always does the trick. But what shoes should be avoided all together? Don't wear these shoes on your next first date.
Stipper Platforms. Hooker heels with a clear sole are just not a classy choice. A shoe with a sensible platform provides comfort and style, but remember that all platforms aren’t created equal. Platforms that look more appropriate sliding down a pole lack the sophistication you’d hope to convey on a first date.
Thigh-high Boots. Rock your own edgy style, girl - but try to avoid sporting a boot that looks more like a Halloween costume than a trend. Opt for a boot that cuts just below or right above your knee for a stylish look without too much one-night-stand sass.
Combat Boots. You may live in Bushwick, but a plaid shirt, Ray Bans and combat boots are more appropriate for a coffee run in the neighborhood than a date with a new potential love interest. Men don’t understand masculine style on women, so avoid these on your first night out on the town together.
Lady Gaga Wedges. When you need height along with comfort, a wedge is a go-to choice in the form of a boot, bootie or shoe. But, please remember that an outrageously tall or overly decorated wedge may turn off a new guy. Men don’t understand outlandish fashion. Save the risks for a girls night with your Man Repeller besties.
Athletic sneakers. Unless your first date involves a run in Central Park or a rock climbing class, leave the sneakers at home, Sporty Spice. Sneaker-type shoes have come a long way - from glittery TOMS to hipster Converses - but you don’t want your date to think you didn’t put any thought or effort into your look. If you’re going for a casual shoe, slip on embellished flats instead for a polished look with a sneaker feel.
Uggs. Let’s face it, your favorite sheepskin boots you’ve adored since college winters past are meant for running errands in the cold weather, not spending a night with a new sexy guy. Uggs, and any other similar brand, are just plain ugly.

What shoes do you avoid wearing on a first date? xo 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book a Bridal Shower at Sprinkles New York

Planning a bridal shower for your best girlfriends always involve booking restaurants or halls, planning menus, shopping for registry gifts and preparing silly games to delight aunts and grandmothers.
As a busy professional bridesmaid, make the next bridal shower less stressful by booking the Sprinkles Party Room for a cupcake decorating party. The famous cupcake bakery based out of Beverly Hills, has a new location in New York City on the Upper East Side that will delight your guests with its candy-colored floor and adorably dotted windows. The Sprinkles Party Room is a cupcake lover's fantasyland.
Decorate freshly baked cupcakes, sip on mimosas and snack on homemade savory snacks that you’re free to provide to keep the future bride happy with her favorite bites. Coffee is also available for those caffeine-addicted girls who need more than a bit of alcohol to enjoy the gift-opening portion of the afternoon.
Your party will have cupcake and frosting options plus bowls of sprinkles and wedding themed toppings, such as mini candy engagement rings and letters for the bride and groom’s initials. Each guest can enjoy her sweet treats at the party or take home two cupcakes to enjoy at home in “I do” cupcake boxes.
(Cupcakes in honor of the beautiful Meghan and Tristan)

Does your bride have a serous sweet tooth, but suffers from a food allergy? Or is she just a health nut? No worries! Sprinkles offers vegan and gluten-free cupcakes and frostings as choices for her special day.
Contact Sprinkles now to book upcoming spring and summer bridal showers to guarantee your bride and her guests leave with the sweetest sugar memories xo

Sprinkles Cupcakes New York. 780 Lexington Avenue.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Decode 8 Common Phrases Women Say

Women choose their words wisely, as they spend more time thinking, over-thinking and planning than their male counterparts.  Although women can express themselves eloquently, sometimes they give short (and sassy) responses. Decode your girlfriend’s common phrases to easily come up with the right word or action to keep you both happy.

“Fine.” Women use “fine” to end an argument when they have already decided they are right.  That one word means “shut up” as this conversation is over.

“I’m fine.”  Translation: “I am anything but fine.”  She may be upset, annoyed, anxious or hurt. Calmly ask what she needs of you rather than asking her what’s wrong.

“Five minutes."  If she is getting dressed, this could mean a half an hour. Five minutes is only accurately five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping her with chores or shopping.

"Are you wearing that?" If she is questioning your choice of outfit, she is really saying "Oh no, you are not wearing that." Let her pick out something more appropriate for where you are going, whether it is a date or interview. Yes, you're allowed to make your own decisions, but she wants to make sure you look right for the occasion.

“Nothing.”  This actually means something, so be alert and on your toes.

“Go Ahead.” This is a dare, not permission. She is testing if you will really do something she most likely disapproves of.

“Whatever.” You’ve pissed her off. She almost doesn’t care about what you decide to do. Almost.

“Don't worry about it, I got it.” If this is something she has told her guy to do several times, but is now doing it herself, he should worry. Make it up to her by doing something else she’d like after she asks the first time around or surprise her by doing a task she hates doing herself. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shit Girlfriends Say

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The tremendous YouTube and social media success of Shit Girls Say (and all of the brilliant copycat videos), inspired me to compile a Shit Bloggers Say list. With all of the fun feedback from readers and tweeters, my guy (and writer/editor) decided it was time to take the known girly phrases a step further. Read on for "Shit Girlfriends Say" to their boyfriends...

“Nothing’s wrong.”
“I’m fine.”
“If I order this, will you eat some of it?”
“Will you share this with me?”
“Does this make me look fat?”
“Will you rub my feet?”
“Can you get me some water?”
“Call me when you get there.”
“Why didn’t you call me?”
“Hold my hand.”
“Are you embarrassed by me?”
“Will you still love me when I’m old?”
“Will you still love me if I get fat?”
“We look so cute together.”
“What are you wearing?”
“Are you wearing that?”
“Can you open the window?”
“Can you close the window?”
“I don’t know. What do you want?”
“Is she prettier than me?”
“Why haven’t I met your mother?”
“I don’t think your mother likes me.”
"What are you thinking about right now?"
"Are you listening?"
"Did you hear what I said?"
"What did I just say?"

What stereotypical stuff do you catch yourself saying to your boyfriend? xo

Guest post list written by James Stewart-Meudt
*Disclaimer: This confident woman does not ask all of those questions to her man.
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