Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Puddin’ Opens This Week on St. Marks

The restaurant-mastering-one-thing concept is nothing new to New York City.  We've got all cupcake, all mac n’ cheese, all tiramisu, all pomme frites, all dumplings, and the list trails on.  Welcome Puddin’ onto the scene, serving up all pudding, opening in the East Village this week.
The menu features classics like vanilla (made with Madagascar beans) and chocolate (with 70 percent chocolate), along with a variety of parfait combinations, such as Banana Cream Dream (real banana pudding, graham cracker crumbs, fresh banana cake, dollop of whipped cream). The shop also features almost twenty different toppings, ranging from homemade sprinkles to salted caramel sauce, to make your own dream pudding creation.
Check out the full menu here.  Bill Cosby, eat your heart out.
Puddin', 102 St. Marks Place.

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