Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gifts For Your New Guy

It’s barely been three months, but you’re head-over-heels for Mr. Right Now.  You don’t want to spend too much money on his Christmas gift – he doesn’t want you to buy his love, and a big ticket item like a flat screen tv will send him running away scared from your suggested serious commitment.  So, what should a gal get the new guy in her life?  Check out this list of thoughtful, yet practical gifts for your (potential) Mr. Right.
Cheap Sports Tickets.  Does he love the ever-losing Mets or has he rooted for the Red Sox since he came out of the womb in a Boston suburb?  Order reasonably priced tickets on StubHub or a similar site, offering tickets as cheap as $10.  He will get to watch his favorite team in action, while snuggling close to you at the stadium, enjoying greasy foods and getting tipsy on plastic cups of beer.  Pretty much a dude’s idea of romance.
His Favorite Candy.  Does he have a big sweet tooth?  Head to Dylan’s Candy Bar or the LES gem Economy Candy, where you’ll find nostalgic sugary treats to current candy trends.  Is he obsessed with gummy bears?  Order him a 5lb bag for only $20 to keep him satisfied for weeks.
Television Book Series.  Does Dexter keep him at the edge of his seat every week?  Is he a closeted SATC fan?  Buy him the first book in the series of his favorite television show or splurge for a whole series of books, if they are all available in print at a reasonable rate.  He will love reading about his favorite characters on his subway commute or before falling asleep when you aren’t around to cuddle.
Food or Drink Gift Cards.  This may seem generic, but if your guy visits your local East Village coffee shop everyday before work or cheats on his healthy diet with fast food for lunch at the office, he will appreciate a gift card to indulge in his vices.  Whether it’s a chain like Starbucks and Chipotle or a cute neighborhood shop like The Bean, gift cards or certificates can usually be purchased online or at the store for an easy shopping experience.
Men’s Grooming.  We all know a haircut in Manhattan costs about $100 for us ladies, so even our men spend about $50 per cut.  Consider treating him to something a bit more cost-effective like a Zoom Groom at Rare Salon.  For only $25 your guy will get a special salon treatment to get his last haircut cleaned up around the edges, leaving him looking sharp and sexy.

What will you get for your new guy this holiday season? xo


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  3. I gave my partner his favorite candy! and he really love it. it reminded him of his childhood. thanks for the great share. i love your blog.:)

  4. for me, it will be some gummy bears plese :)

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