Monday, December 26, 2011

Drink Bai for Cold Season

City girls and guys can’t help but get run down during the winter months.  Rushing to and from the office to parties, dinners and workout sessions can lower your immune system in the cold weather.  Drinking too heavily at holiday parties, on top of the lack of sleep in a hectic social life only makes matters worse.  
Thankfully, there’s Bai, an antioxidant infusion drink made with coffeefruit, available all over the city, from Whole Foods to small organic food stores.  Sold in a variety of delicious flavors such as Sumatra Dragonfruit and Costa Rica Clementine, bai5 is only 5 calories a serving, so you can enjoy a delicious way to hydrate and lower your risk for catching a nasty cold without ruining your diet.

With cold season in full swing, the lovely team at Bai treated me to each flavor of Bai and bai5.  From yoga sessions to running errands around the East Village, I’ve had a bottle in hand.

As a downtown-girl-about-town, I must share that Bai and bai5 can also be used as a mixer at your upcoming New Year’s Eve party!  Serve your top shelf vodka of choice with your favorite flavor of Bai or bai5 for a delicious low calorie cocktail!  Why not prep your body with the antioxidants in a Bai product to possibly prevent some of the pain in a terrible morning-after hangover?

Check out where you can enjoy Bai products and grab a few bottles to enjoy this winter and into the spring! 

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