Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Miss Ed Burns' "Newlyweds"

Does anyone really have the perfect relationship? 

Buzzy and Katy are hoping to get marriage right the second time around, as newlyweds comparing their past drama-filled relationships to the seemingly perfect life they have found together in the film Newlyweds.  Enjoying opposite busy schedules, these characters think they have found the secret to a lasting marriage – more time apart than together to truly enjoy each other’s company when their paths cross.

Just when Buzzy and Katy think they have figured it all out, they learn the hard way that when you say, “I do”, you're not just getting a husband or wife, you get the family, the friends, even the exes.  From a meddlesome older sister enduring a potential divorce to a younger wild child half-sister crashing in their Tribeca apartment unannounced with more emotional baggage than luggage, Buzzy and Katy’s honeymoon phase may just be over.

Writer/director/actor Edward Burns directed Newlyweds and stars as Buzzy.  At a screening last week, guests were treated to a viewing, snacks, and Q & A with the handsome Mr. Burns and his lovely co-star Caitlin FitzGerald.

With humor and on point insights into modern relationships, Ed Burns follows these realistic New Yorkers over three life-changing days.  Newlyweds is shot in documentary style, giving special insight to the characters' deepest thoughts, while adding refreshing comic relief.  Shot with a micro-budget, the realty television feel brings New York City to life as it’s own character in the film.

Shot entirely in Tribeca, Newlyweds is a quintessential New York film from a quintessential New York director.  Burns based his characters on both interviews of his friends and observations of strangers on the subway as they interacted in their relationships.  The characters' quirks, strengths and weaknesses are relatable to almost any audience member.

Newlyweds will be available nationwide On Demand and via Digital Download beginning December 26, 2011 with a select theatrical release starting in January 2012.  Grab your best city girlfriends (with or without relationship baggage) and head to Newlyweds this holiday season! 

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