Thursday, December 29, 2011

City Girl’s New Year’s Resolutions

Whether in a relationship, single or dating all over Manhattan, love isn’t the only New Year’s Resolution a city girl is looking to find.  A lady in the big city must resolve to better herself -from her health and body to her career. 

Be Selfish.  With your time, health and career.  Make yourself your priority!  Skip that boozy brunch for spin class, miss happy hour to apply to new jobs and network with those who share your interests. 

Don’t Feel Guilty.  Want to snuggle with your boyfriend over Chinese takeout instead of stopping by your coworkers birthday bash?  Just order that shrimp lo mein and send her a funny someecard.  It’s okay to “be selfish” (see Resolution #1) without the guilt.

Make Healthy Swaps.  Mix up your usual salad bar lunch date with your best girlfriend for a yoga class date together.  The hidden calories in those dressing (and your need to add extra cheese) make your greens a diet no-no.  Take the time to say “om” with your bestie as a new out-of-office afternoon tradition to beat stress and possibly trim your waist.

Start a Savings.  Or continue to add to the one you started back in high school, but have seen it since deplete over the years from college spring break trips, the broker fee on your first apartment and those Louboutins you just had to get last winter.  You never know when you’ll have an emergency and need the extra cash or will be ready to put a down payment on a home in the burbs.

Know "The Secret".  Okay, so this girl never actually read the book (but I do plan on it in 2012!).  Having a positive attitude and outlook on your life and future will at least make things seems better than they are in the present moment.  Believe that great new things are to come.  Remember what you do have in your life – family, friends, your health, an interesting job, an adorably puppy, an affordable apartment – and smile knowing if you work hard and treat others right, there are more good things to come!
(New Year's Eve 2011 with Shley, Sami and Marisa)

What are your city girl (or guy) New Year’s Resolutions? xo


  1. Being selfish is the most difficult one but it is a must do for 2012 (just incase we have a zombieapolcolypse). Happy New Years!!

  2. Jennifer Rose Da CostaDecember 29, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    I got my mom "The Secret" for Christmas, but I plan on borrowing it to read and live by :) Happy New Year!!

  3. I have so many New Year Resolutions...which one shall I start on first?

  4. Be selfish and don't feel guilty-- I love it. Happy new year!!


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