Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Top 5 Things Women First Notice (and Judge) About Men

We may not all be superficial and judge guys on looks alone, but there are specific grooming and style habits that we notice when we first meet a man, no matter how handsome he may be.
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Teeth.  Not everyone is blessed with perfectly straight teeth, but there are some simple things anyone can do to improve their smile.  This may seem obvious, but please brush and floss at least twice a day, and follow up with mouthwash.  If you think your pearly whites are more of a pale yellow, pick up some white strips at the local pharmacy.  Professional whitening at the dentist’s office is even better, but a bit pricey for the average Joe.

Smell.  This may seem like something you don’t need to be told, but a daily shower and swipe of deodorant, especially after your bike ride from Brooklyn to the office or after a sweat session at the gym, is mandatory.  For an extra touch, consider purchasing nice cologne. Beware: If people more than five feet away are commenting on your stench, you are wearing too much.  Cologne should be subtle and sexy, not overpowering.

Fingernails.  Manicures are not just for ladies.  Why do we deserve all the pampering? Whether you turn to a professional at a local nail salon, or do it yourself, keep your fingernails neat, short, and above all, clean.  Stop picking, biting and chewing on your nails and cuticles.

Hair.  This goes for more than just the monthly hair cuts for the strands on your head.   That thick unibrow, long nose hair, and scary ear hair need some attention too!  A little face scruff can be pretty sexy, but a messy (aka long, dark, or thick) brow, nose or ear hair is a whole different situation.

Shoes.  Okay, so this is more about style, than grooming.  Whether you can afford to rock expensive leather shoes or cheap sneakers are more in your budget, keep them clean and tidy. Some women may be even more judgmental, preferring a guy with luxury brand tastes, but as long as your footwear is clean, without holes, and makes sense with your outfit, most women will be just fine with your fashion sense.

What do you first notice (and judge) about a man? Xo


  1. Teeth!!! And smell! Some guy approached me the other night at a bar and not only did his breath stink so did he! No matter how hot or ugly a man is if you can smell his cologne when he passes I will immediately check them out, smell good is essential!!

  2. Love this! And you hit my number one right on the head with teeth - I am SO judgmental about them. Perhaps a downfall but I can't help it! Also, general approach. There's nothing worse than being eyed like a piece of meat before an opening line. It practically begs for a side eye and a quick turndown.

    Maiah // Writing with Wine


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