Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The New York City Beerathon

Congrats to all of my amazingly fit and strong friends who ran the NYC Marathon on Sunday!  For those of us who can't run more than a few miles, and honestly prefer a beer-run to lacing up our sneakers for a long distance haul, order your tickets now for The NYC Beerathon!

In it's 5th year, the NYC Beerathon will take place Saturday, November 19th around the Village. Starting at 11am, 26 beers at 26 entertaining venues will be yours for the taking.  Even in your college prime, crushing 26 beers would have led even the toughest frat boy into the hospital, so don't worry about drinking each and every beer!

Sign up before November 14th for $65 tickets!  All proceeds will go to non-profit and charitable organizations, including Team Fox.  Reader of Thrillist?  Get a $35 deal with them!  Bring your whole crew, dress in themed t-shirts (if that takes you back to Homecoming days of years past), and race your way through the NYC Beerathon.

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