Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebrations of Love

Today marks my 27th birthday.  This year should seem like any other year, not marking a milestone like my 21st when I tossed my fake ID (which was proudly purchased during 2002 in the West Village) or my 25th when I celebrated my quater-life-crisis with a very classy keg service.  

(Sitto Wadid and Sitto "Bugsie", my grandmothers)

But, it turns out my 27th birthday does indeed have meaning.  This date now marks the passing, but more importantly, the celebration of the wonderful life of my Sitto Wadid. "Sitto" is Arabic for "grandmother".  Last night, my strong and loving sitto passed away, with most of my family by her side.  Sitto Wadid was the ultimate matriarch.  She spent her life raising her family, working hard to make ends meet alongside my Giddo Mickey ("grandfather" in Arabic), and she showed and shared her love with food. Maybe her passion for making those she loved happy with food made me the foodie I am today.  

From her four children to her eleven great-grandchildren, Sitto Wadid loved us all with hugs, kisses, and a little smack on the bottom to "be good."  She always made sure we knew she loved us "too much", which seems to be just the right amount of love.  Her kitchen was always full with Lebanese meals, no matter the time of the day.  No one could step into her home without eating.  "I'm not hungry" or "No thanks, I just ate" were not acceptable responses when she offered you a kitchen table filled with olives, hummus, and Syrian bread, while she was quickly whipping up a dish from scratch or heating up leftovers from the night before.  She loved you and she needed you to eat.  

Today on my birthday, I share with my readers love: the love of food that fills your soul, the love of romance (that I hope finds you as it has recently found me), and the love of no limits - the unconditional love given by my grandmother to everyone she cared for.  xo


  1. Oh sweets, I am so sorry to hear. What a beautiful post written in her honor.
    Wishing you a happy birthday!
    see you tonight?

  2. Thank you, our beautiful Sarah. I love how you put our wonderful memories and thoughts into words!

  3. I'm sure she was always proud of you. What an awesome post in her honor.

  4. so sorry to hear about auntie,,

  5. U couldn't have said that more perfectly. Remember when she would make us stand in line so she could feed us. We never went without love or food, and the love for food at that house!

  6. Aww I'm sorry for your loss. Sitto sounds like a fabulous woman!


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