Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Not to Say "I Love You"

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You’ve been dating for a few months, but he has yet to profess his undying love.  Those three little words have been on the tip of your tongue for weeks now, but you’ve had to resist blurting it out during superficial or awkward moments.  When the time is right, you’ll know when to tell him you’re in love.  He might say it first or you might feel the urge to shower him with your affection before he can even open his mouth.  Try not to confuse the right moment for your first “I love you” with these absolutely wrong situations.

During a One Night Stand.  He’s sexy, passionate between the sheets, made you laugh all night at the bar, but you don’t know his last name.  Refrain from professing true love to this random guy, just because you’re experiencing an intense orgasm.  You will be embarrassed, but at least only for a few hours, as you won’t ever have to see his face again.

During Sex.  While being intimate with your boyfriend, you may get emotional with heavy breathing, whispers of sweet nothings, and possibly tears of joy.  If you’ve already told him you love him, then saying it during sex is wonderful.  But, for your first time speaking those words to him, refrain when in missionary, as he may think you’re only saying it because you’re caught up in the moment.

When You’re Drunk.  You want him to take you seriously, and possibly say it back, right?  When you’re drunk, you’re apt to say and do things that you wouldn’t normally do.  Make sure you’re sober (or at least just relaxed by one glass of wine) when you tell him you’re in love.

On Valentine’s Day.  Just because love is in the air (as well as the smell of pink roses, chocolates, and expensive dinners) it doesn’t mean you need to say he’s the love of your life. Don’t use the excuse of celebrating Valentine’s Day, or any major holiday together, as the reason to say “I love you”.

Just Because He Said It.  Your man has just told you how he has fallen madly in love, but it took you by surprise.  Don’t just repeat him because it seems like the right thing to do.  If you’re not sure yet, or if you think you do love him, but were caught off guard, just make sure he knows how happy you are together.  Tell him you love him at the right time for you, not just for him.

When do you think is the wrong time to say "I love you"? xo


  1. Sarah... I'm not sure if this is too soon, but....

    I Love You.

    There! I said it! ;-)

  2. I 2nd what Marisa says: "I Love You" !

  3. These are really tremendous points that you have posted in that above article, i am really impressed with this quotes. These all are very helpful for us to improve relationship.


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