Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sushi and Sake 101 Class

Celebrating 15 years this fall as New York’s classic neighborhood sushi spot, Haru has introduced “Sushi & Sake 101” classes.  Sushi lovers will learn to properly roll their favorite raw seafood, while sipping skillfully paired sakes, selected by the experts at Haru.

From sourcing fresh ingredients to preparing your own nigiri and rolls, the chefs at Haru will teach you all of the basics.  Under expert, hands-on guidance, all guests work at individual sushi stations, to get a clear view of the chefs, while working closely to their date or friends.
(the rolls I made in Sushi & Sake 101)

If you’re looking for a non-traditional date night, Sushi & Sake 101, is the perfect idea for foodies and seafood enthusiasts.  Edamame is served to snack on, while learning the history of Haru in New York City as class begins.  During the course of the two hour instruction, each sushi student will make 4 rolls (including favorites such as tuna avocado and shrimp tempura), taste contrasting glasses of sake paired to compliment each plate, and take home a bamboo sushi mat to make these Japanese specialties in the comfort of their own apartment.

For the same amount of money you can spend on a standard dinner date, get your hands dirty with your crush, creating sushi delicacies and imbibing on quality sake.  Check out upcoming classes to purchase tickets and reserve your spot at one of the 7 Haru locations in the city.

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