Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Single Girl’s Survival Guide: Halloween Costumes

Dressing in the least amount of clothing possible, while looking sexy (okay, let’s be honest, leaning on the slutty side), made for the ideal Halloween costume during your sorority days.  As an adult, wandering around Manhattan in lace panties and a push up won’t fare quite as well as it did on your college campus.  Need a guide to the best Halloween costume at your upcoming party in a Brooklyn loft or downtown dive bar?  The Single Girl’s Survival Guide to Halloween Costumes will rescue you from a spooky night of embarrassment.

Vintage Shop.  Halloween costume shops may have the perfect accessories, from nurse needles to naughty school girl knee socks, but when purchasing your outfit, check out vintage shops for cheap, yet quality pieces.  Sequined frocks will make for flashy flapper dresses, while bell bottom jeans can complete a groovy hippie ensemble.  Vintage shopping will also save you money, while providing unique items that can’t be found in a generic costume-in-a-bag.

Make 'em Laugh.  Are you clever?  Are you known for making playful puns?  Create a costume based on a play-on-words, popular joke, or silly catch phrase.  You’ll surely be the talk of the party when you enter the room.

Reference Pop Culture.  Are you a news junkie?  Or a celeb gossip lover?  Imitate your favorite current pop culture reference.  Maybe dress up as Casey Anthony (too soon?).

Follow a Theme.  Is your crew tight?  Why not show your personalities and closeness as a group by dressing up in a theme!  Does the cast of Glee capture your sense of humor?  Do some of you resemble Disney princesses?  Work together on themed costumes to have fun together prepping for the big night, while making for great photo ops on Halloween.

Wear panties.   Seriously ladies, don’t go commando.  You never know how breezy the evening may get.   Or where you may wake up in the morning.


Buy it in a Bag.  Cheaply made costumes will cost you at least $50 for thin material that will barely cover your curvy booty.  As suggested, hit up vintage and discount shops for a cheaper, personal touch.  You also won’t run the risk of showing up at the party in the same outfit as anyone else.

Be a Play Boy Bunny.  You may still have a rockin’ body (maybe even more fit than during your beer-chugging late teens), but being practically naked in public as a late-twenty-something is a bit tacky.  Save the Play Boy Bunny roll playing for the bedroom.

Be a Cliché.  How many girls go running around as Britney Spears, a Cheerleader, or a skanky cat?  Show off your originality instead of being a boring Halloween cliché.

Stress.  Remember Halloween is an excuse for adults to go out and have fun with friends, while imbibing on strong themed cocktails.  Don’t put too much pressure on your costume.  Head out on the town and have some fun!

What are your do’s and don’ts for Halloween costumes? xo

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