Monday, October 3, 2011

Madison Square Eats is Open

Madison Square Park has turned Worth Square, the small traffic island just west of the park (known as the home to Shake Shack), into a foodie haven.  Madison Square Eats, which reopened last Friday, features more vendors than ever.

Open until 9pm, it’s the perfect spot for lunch, if you can sneak out of the office or dinner to share a variety of foods with your friends or a date.  Whether you’re hungry for a full meal of savory items from pizza to pork buns, or craving a sweet treat, like a mini cannoli or cupcake, this festival has just what you’re in the mood for.
Roberta’s, Bushwick’s hip spot for delicious eats and this past summer’s wildest Sunday Funday party, Tiki Disco, is serving piping hot personal sized thin crust pizzas.  The Bee Sting (mozzarella, tomato, soppressata, chili oil, and honey) gives you a spicy kick in the mouth with a sweet way to soothe the burn.
Want something a bit more creative than a ball park frank? Asia Dog serves hot dogs with flair.  Try the WangDing (Chinese BBQ pork belly and onions) and the Mash (spicy ketchup, jalapeƱo mustard, and crushed salt and pepper potato chips).
Always debating just who has the best lobster roll in NYC? Check out Red Hood Lobster Pound for a lobster roll (Maine Roll of fresh-picked Maine lobster meat, a touch of homemade mayo (or not), a bit of celery and spices. Or a Connecticut Roll with just lobster and butter).  Want comfort food?  Their creamy Lobster Mac N- Cheese is not to be missed.
Cheese lovers rejoice!  Milk Truck is serving a variety of gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.  The Three Cheese Grilled Cheese (Aged Gruyere, Cheddar, Domestic Blue, Carmelized Granny Smith Apples, on Rosemary Pullman) was a hearty balance of salty and sweet.
For a specialty dessert, visit Stuffed Cannoli.  With a long list of rotating flavors each week, choose from seasonal favorite Pumpkin Pie to Mud Slide, a chocolate lover’s dream.

Madison Square Eats at 24th & Broadway. Open until Oct. 21st!


  1. Thats right by our office!!! I am TOTALLY hitting up Milk Truck one day this week. Thanks for the reminder. This all looks soooo good!

  2. You are so lucky you work so close! Def visit Milk Truck - you won't be disappointed.


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