Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Wait for the Subway

Whether an electronic clock is giving you the countdown until the next 6 train pulls into the station or you’re sweating from the heat and anxiety of the unknown arrival of the next F train, you need something to keep your mind busy.
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Retro iPod Tunes.  Feeling nostalgic for the 90's?  Haven't listened to show tunes since your mother's last visit at a Broadway show?  Download songs you wouldn’t normally listen to and create playlists for those long, boring waits for the L train.

Make lists.  Need grocery items for this weekend’s cookout?  Recently ran out of beauty products?  Use this time to create to-do lists in your Blackberry.

Blog.  Do strangers give you inspiration for daily style?  Do interactions of couples question your thoughts on dating in the city?  Why not use your time underground to jot down notes for potential blog posts.  You can be a successful blogger too!

Stretch.  Feeling tight from last night's spin class?  Close your eyes, roll your shoulders, and take time for minor stretches to relieve aches and stress.

Kegels.  I mean, why not?  No one will know.

Check Your Calendar.  Make sure all upcoming meetings, coffee dates, weddings, and birthday parties are included in your monthly calendar on your smartphone, so you don't double book yourself (again).

Have a Snack.  Not something gross and messy, but a sip of iced coffee or bites of a granola bar are acceptable to keep hunger pains away before your 10pm dinner reservations.

Read.  From the free AMNY to a trashy romance novel you’ve been dying to get your hands on, use the long wait time to get updated on local news or to escape to a fantasy.

Meet a Sexy Stranger.  Need directions for a faster route across town?  Chat up the handsome hipster standing next to the giant subway map and ask his opinion.  Or complement the guy who keeps staring and smiling your way on his stylish classic cardigan.  Why miss your chance at meeting a potential date because you were too shy to approach?  There’s even a website devoted to your Subway Crushes!

How do you stay busy while waiting for the train? xo


  1. Definitely snapping pics of those crazy train fashions. I have a whole section devoted to it on my blog, "Far-Out Fashion Friday" LOL! :)

  2. This is going to sound silly, but I use this time to kind of meditate on things and let my brain unwind. I think after reading some Pema Chodron I was more inspired to be patient instead of getting aggravated by having to wait. But, um, I'm not always good at that. So, when that fails, I end up staring at other people's outfits and getting inspired by street style.

  3. I breathe, relax, check my cell (if I have service!) & if I feel inspired, I cut a few coupons!


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