Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Not to Look Like a Tourist

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As New Yorkers, we notice tourists sticking out from the long line at Katz's to the sidewalks of Times Square. These tips will help any newbie New Yorker to blend in with the city crowd.

Don't Stare.  Even if a woman wearing nothing but a black thong in a see-through white dress sits next to you (this happened to me at Le Bain, of course) act like nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

No Sneakers or Sweats.  Unless she is hitting the gym, training for the marathon, or heading to a game of tennis, a New York woman will not wear running shoes or workout gear to run an errand. Stylish yet functional footwear (ballet flats or sandals) and basic non-athletic sneakers (black Converse) are a New York must for heading to the bodega for detergent or stopping by Whole Foods for groceries. Sweatpants and old sorority t-shirts are a thing of your college days past.  Throw on black leggings and a long shirt or a cotton dress for your casual city chores.

No Blow-outs Needed.  New York ladies are low maintenance when it comes to everyday beauty and style.  A pop of bright lipstick on a bare face and a high bun is a day-to-day look for many downtown girls.  We may shell out big bucks for professional blowouts before a date or event, but on a normal day, less is definitely more.  Wavy, messy, I-just-had-sex hair is also acceptable.

Show Crazy Confidence.  New York women flaunt what they’ve got.  Six feet tall, but still want to rock heels? Love bright orange and want to wear it head to toe? Sure! In this city, it'll only make you shine as your cool, unique self.

Walk on the Right Only.  To keep the foot traffic flowing, you must keep to the right.  If you need to stop, to tie your shoe or gawk at a landmark, please move over even further to the right. If you stop in the middle of the sidewalk, someone is bound to shove you.

Walk Quickly.  New Yorkers walk at a brisk pace, and if they stop or even slow down, they step out of the way for others to easily keep up their pace. Walk briskly in the right direction.

Don’t Look Up.  Tourists look up at skyscrapers, churches, billboards, and bridges. New Yorkers look down or at eye level and just keep on moving.

Pretend You’re Not Starstruck.  If you spot a celebrity, don’t ask for their autograph or a photo on your iPhone.  But, obviously sharing the news on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog is completely acceptable.

What are your tips for tourists or newbies to look like New Yorkers? xo


  1. Love love love these tips. You can always pick out the tourists from the natives. Especially love the "Show crazy confidence" advice. Important for all aspects of life.
    Tales from a Bar Stool

  2. Thanks Tales from a Bar Stool ladies! Still loving your blog xx

  3. Yea, I have the tourist look, for sure!

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