Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where to Meet Guys in NYC

Long ago were your college days of meeting a new guy in psych class or at a mixer with your favorite fraternity.  As a twenty or thirty-something lady dating on the crazy streets of NYC, meeting a new guy that you can trust or who has similar interests can prove to be difficult. Even though you can no longer kiss a handsome stranger at a Thursday night keg party, there are are a few ways to meet new men as a grown up woman in the city.
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Ticketed Events:  Are you a foodie or have a passion for the art gallery scene?  Tickets to Gilt City and Openhouse Gallery events, such as The Big Cheesy and Middle Feast will introduce you to men who also enjoy tasting the best meals the city has to offer or an intimate view of an exhibit in a social environment with an in-the-know crowd.

Intramural Sports:  Did you play a sport in college?  Or miss your childhood days of dodge ball in your crush’s backyard on your block?  Join a league like what Zog Sports has to offer. You may meet an althetic cutie, who is at least looking to make new friends.  And hey, I’ve heard they drink after the games.

Gym:  Always catch the eye of a sexy guy in spin class?  Chat him up about his new heart rate monitor, as you are in the market to purchase one (and also in the market to brush up against his perfect abs).

Grocery Store:  Shopping at Whole Foods for your favorite coconut water and spot a brooding hipster reaching for the same bottle?  Why not start a conversation about which brand you prefer.

Volunteer:  Are you “going green?  Join a Food Coop, like the one in Park Slope.  Love animals?  Volunteer at a shelter.  You may meet a like-minded man, who sharea your beliefs in charity and philanthropy.

Beer Tastings:  Men love beer.  I mean, they really really love beer.  So, why not attend a beer tasting, like Learning to Beer at Idle Hands?  You will sip on quality brews, taste local East Village cuisines, and possibly meet a gentleman (or two).

Coffee Shops:  Oh the life of freelance writers and film editors - sitting at your local downtown coffee shop, sipping lattes and staring at their MacBooks.  Ask that cutie by the wall to plug in your laptop, as you just can’t seem to reach the wall from your table.

Meetups:  Interested in social media?  Are you a wine connoisseur?  There's a Meetup Group for you (and potentially your future boyfriend).

Through Friends:  At a rooftop cookout in Brooklyn or an intimate birthday dinner in Soho, you will be introduced to your friends’ friends.  If your sorority sister or coworker loves and trusts him, you will easily get to know this guy in your circle.

The Office:  Who doesn't want to find the Jim to their Pam?

Where do you meet men in NYC? xo


  1. My advice? Say yes to every invitation you can and change up your daily routine... even if its changing your daily coffee spot in the morning or going in a few minutes earlier than usual. You never know when Mr. Right is right around the corner ;-)

  2. Buckle down and do !!! Very successful, I know from experience ;-)

  3. Well, I don't live in NYC but I will look for similar events in my area and see how it turns out. Going to a beer tasting this weekend. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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