Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Sober Night Out

The morning after a night of tequila shots, vodka sodas, pickle backs, or pitchers of beer (and sometimes a combination of those vices) you’re guaranteed to be in pain.  Bad hangovers can lead to an unproductive day of sleeping in and consuming greasy food.

Ever consider all that you can get accomplished after a night out sans the booze?  You’ll have no reason to vomit.  Attending a Sunday morning spin class can be a reality.  Running errands without a blinding headache from the sunlight will help you to get more done.

What do you accomplish after a sober night out? xo


  1. That is the time when you swear to yourself that you will never drink hard again. Only next week to forget about that and repeat the cycle. A sober night out for me is movie night.

  2. Yeah, and a piece of advice too, never drink hard the night before your wedding. That's what my friend did and he almost turned the event into a disaster.


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