Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kristy Furg Photography

New York City is filled with artists - from Broadway performers to nightlife DJ's to jazz musicians.  Our streets are filled with creative geniuses.  When it comes to lifestyle photography, the talented Kristy Furg captures the true beauty and essence of her subjects. Whether you're a foodie blogger like Sarah Spigelman or an Argentine polo player like Nacho Figueras (who is also the sexy face of Ralph Lauren Polo), Kristy Furg knows how to make you shine as your best self.

When I was featured in City Unlisted, I was treated to an amazing shoot.  I felt like a real model, not just a blogger and writer.  Kristy's endless ideas for locations, props, and the storyline behind the photos gave character to each and every shot.

Here's just a sampling of Kristy's work:

(Nacho Figueras)
(Broadway's Leigh Ann Larkin)

For more of Kristy's work or to book her for a shoot, check out her site! xo


  1. you are stunning!
    and sarah has never looked so sexy with stuff hanging out of her mouth!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Great job, Kristy!!


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