Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Navigate The Online Dating Scene in NYC

Did your summer love end with the chill of a fall breeze? Or did you spend last night whining with your girlfriends because you deleted Mr. Wrong from your phone yesterday…for the second time? Well, you may be in luck, because one of these dating websites could open the door to a new online suitor to date offline in the city!

Learn How to Navigate The Online Dating Scene in New York City on my newest HPNOTIQ article! xo


  1. I can say out of experience that top rated dating sites are the best. And not because I'm being smug or anything it's just that these are the sites on which the memberships are paid and thus the users are more serious than the rest.

  2. have anyone ever find true love with online dating???
    Mature Dating UK

  3. One site that I always see on dating-themed blogs is I checked the site, pretty user-friendly, and caters a wide age range also.


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