Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dating Outside Your Borough

(image via New York Times)

Cross country romances are the things long distance relationships are made of.  But what about outer-borough dating?  As a New Yorker, traveling via subway from Tribeca to Astoria, Queens can take about 45 minutes.  And Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to the East Village?  An hour!   Even though the actual distance from borough to borough (and even downtown to uptown Manhattan) is only a few mere miles, public transportation can make the trip feel like a very long suburban car ride to get to your love.

Will you date guys who don’t live in your neighborhood?  Are you willing to commute an hour or more to date someone?

What are your thoughts on long distance dating within New York City? xo


  1. I commuted from central NJ to Park Slope every weekend for a year when I was dating my last boyfriend. At the time, it was worth it. looking back - it was still worth it!

    If you restrict yourself to location based dating , you are stuck with x by x square miles of potential partners. Then you have to factor in and subtract from the list gay, married, taken and lets not forget-the eternal bachelor.

    Location based dating = fewer options

    Like searching for apartment space in Manhattan, why would you go for a fish bowl when you have the option of choosing the ocean!

  2. It's really limits who you date if you stay in the same neighborhood. Sometimes a little sacrafice can go a long way.

  3. People need too go out and find someone who fits them.

  4. Long distance dating is new to me. . I do wonder if it does really work for others? Well long distance relationship is not a problem anyway, because of the existence of some apps wherein you can keep in touch with your loved ones, no wonder a lot of people risk for things like these.

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