Friday, September 30, 2011

Austria Pop-Up at Openhouse Gallery

Openhouse Gallery, downtown’s favorite event space for pop-ups, will host the Austria Board of Tourism from Wednesday Oct 5th to Wednesday Oct 19th from 12-9pm (until 10 pm on weekends).  This two-week long event will feature all things Austrian, from music, food, films, art and jewelry, so there is something for everyone.  This event is open to the public and almost everything is free!

Are you a New Yorker who is addicted to caffeine?  Guests will experience true Viennese coffeehouse culture at the temporary Café Sacher offering Viennese coffee specialties and, of course, the famous Original Sacher-Torte, a sinful chocolate cake to satisfy your guilty sweet tooth.  Or you can snack on Apfelstrudel, another staple of dessert menus in Austria.  Coffee specialties will be $5; desserts will be sold for $6.  Your coffee will be served from original Café Sacher cups on marble table tops, so you’ll feel like you finally escaped the office for a vacation across the Atlantic.  More of a savory foodie?  The Austrian Deli will be open to sample pumpkin seed oil or artisanal vinegars by Gölles.

Do you sparkle and shine?  Swarovski Crystal Worlds present themselves with displays of some of their crystal masterpieces.  
Gustav Klimt's famous painting "The Kiss" will serve as the backdrop for an interactive reenactment of visitors' version of their "perfect kiss".  Bring your crush and give him a big smooch - the staff will take a picture for you to keep and share with all of your friends (of course you won’t resist posting it to make frenemies jealous on Facebook).

Throughout these two weeks the Austria Pop-Up will be the venue for concerts, food & wine events, film screenings and much more.  For a complete schedule of events click here.
Keep the Oktoberfest celebrations alive by stopping by Openhouse Gallery!
Openhouse Gallery.  201 Mulberry Street.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dangers of a One Night Stand

(image via)

Sex with a stranger isn't always mysterious fun and games.  One night stands have an appeal from time to time, but even Samantha Jones should have taken more caution when bringing a new man home or following him to his pad.  Sometimes women in New York get too comfortable with alcohol, nightlife, and meeting new men, that we forget there are true dangers waiting late at night after a few too many cocktails.  As a big sister and a friend, it’s important to remind every city girl to be careful.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  You don't know who he last slept with or if his doctor gave him a clean bill of health.  STD’s can be spread with or without the use of condoms.

Stolen Goods.  Do you own expensive jewelry, a laptop, an iPod, and other small items, easily pocketed by a thief?  This sexy stranger could be a burglar, swiping your possessions while you slumber, escaping before you awaken.  Or maybe he won't take something that's yours, but sneakily steal something that belongs to your roommate.  Not only do you need to consider your own property, but the property of those you live with.

Date Rape.  Just because all you had in mind was a heavy make out session back at your place, this guy may have set his sights on sex.  If he isn't a decent man, there's a chance he could get rough and force himself on you.  He may claim it was just drunk fooling around, but if you don't want it, it's rape.

Unwanted Pregnancy.  Anytime you engage in sex, there’s a chance you can get pregnant (obviously).  But, what if the condom broke or your pill stopped working, leaving you holding a baby 9 months later, whose father you never even gave your number to?

Kidnapping.  This may seem to be the stuff of Law and Order: SVU storylines, but real headlines of intoxicated women being held hostage by seemingly normal men have happened in and around the city.  From bouncers to Wall Street traders, there isn’t a stereotype you can trust after a few too many drinks.  Take caution when following a sexy stranger away from your friends.

How to you take precautions to stay safe? xo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Sober Night Out

The morning after a night of tequila shots, vodka sodas, pickle backs, or pitchers of beer (and sometimes a combination of those vices) you’re guaranteed to be in pain.  Bad hangovers can lead to an unproductive day of sleeping in and consuming greasy food.

Ever consider all that you can get accomplished after a night out sans the booze?  You’ll have no reason to vomit.  Attending a Sunday morning spin class can be a reality.  Running errands without a blinding headache from the sunlight will help you to get more done.

What do you accomplish after a sober night out? xo

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumpkin Picking at Idle Hands Bar

The fall season is upon us, which of course means the city will be filled with pumpkin pastries, pumpkin coffees, and most importantly, pumpkin beer.
This Friday, Idle Hands Bar presents The 2nd Annual Pumpkin Picking Party.  They'll be serving 15 different pumpkin beers in one night!  Buy your Pumpkin Picking Passport from, then bring your receipt to Idle Hands to pick up a passport, which is redeemable starting September 30th at the Pumpkin Picking Party, where you can drink all 15 pumpkin beers (if you can fit them in your tummy and also still walk out of the bar) from the full Idle Hands Bar beer menu.

Think you’ll be too tipsy to down all 15 beers in one night of debauchery?  No worries!  Your Pumpkin Picking Passport will be valid for 15 pumpkin beers from 9/30/11 - 11/1/11, so you won’t feel the rush to chug like a frat boy all in one sitting.

Pumpkin beers are available while supplies last. When the selection of pumpkin beers run out, you can choose any craft beer listed at $7 (and under) for all remaining credits through November 1st.

Tentative list of beers available:

Harpoon UFO Pumpkin
Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin
Blue Point Pumpkin
Southern Tier Pumpking
Smuttynose Pumpkin
Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin
Sixpoint Autumnation (pumpkin)
Southampton Pumpkin
Captain Lawrence
Fire Island
Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin
Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
Lakefront Pumpkin

Don’t forget to tip your bartender, as the team at Idle Hands is not only made up of great guys, but you’ll be getting a crazy deal!  Hurry up and order your Pumpkin Picking Passport, as there's ONE DAY LEFT to get this package with such a low price tag!  See you at the bar xo

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gossip Girl Tour with On Location Tours

Spotted: The perfect afternoon around Manhattan with your little sis or future mother-in-law. When the women in your family or dear girlfriends from the burbs come to visit, On Location Tours is your must-book tour guide.  The Gossip Girl Sites Tour is fluffy fun for both out-of-towners and city girls alike!

Meet on the Upper East Side (just like one of the privileged high schoolers) outside The Palace Hotel.  Hop on a luxury bus, equipped with flat screen televisions, playing scenes from various episodes shot on the locations you will pass along the route, comfortable seats, and space for your shopping bags.  Your lovely, peppy tour guide will lead you into the world of the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”.   From viewing sites through the bus windows to stepping out on the town to experience shopping and dining around Manhattan, this tour has it all.  With stops at Dylan's Candy Bar to the Empire Hotel, there is something for every fan, from Little J's to Queen B's.

For more info and to book your tour, visit On Location Tours now!  Don't forget, Gossip Girl returns TONIGHT on the CW at 8/7c!

Gossip Girl

Friday, September 23, 2011

Old Favorite Calle Ocho Re-Opens with New Offerings

The popular Latin infused Calle Ocho Restaurant, known for their potent sangria and authentic menu, has relocated to a new, sexier location on the Upper West Side.   Last week, bloggers were invited for a private press dinner to sample new menu items and enjoy old favorites.
The ceviche plate was delightful to start.  Cured Salmon (aji amarillo, sour orange, pineapple) melted like butter at the tip of your tongue.  The citrus bursts played flawlessly against the fresh flavor of the fatty salmon.  A bit of a bite from the Aji Amarillo dressing gave it a Latin kick.  Marinated Aji Tuna (ginger, cilantro, mustard vinaigrette) was served alongside, which balanced out the sweetness of the salmon with more savory notes.
Bacon Wrapped Almond Stuffed Dates were served next.  Smokey bacon with a good crisp crunch paired like a love match with the sweetness of the soft date.  Who doesn’t want salty, creamy, and sweet in one bite?
Sweet Corn Arepa (Ropa Vieja, Crema Nata, Criolla Salad), a traditional Colombian dish, served as another blend of  salty-sweetness in this five course menu.  The marinated shredded steak was tenderly cooked.  This would be a great fall comfort food, enjoying it in large quantities, of course.
The Roasted Stripped Bass (Serrano ham, chick peas, roasted pepper sauce) was light, with a seriously planned out sauce.   Seafood lovers should make sure this is a must-order.
For the meat-lovers try Cuban Style “Steal Frites” with traditional chimichurri.  Cooked medium rare, this steak was fantastic.
Got a desire for chocolate?  The Dark Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream is light and fluffy, not a heavy dessert to end your meal right.

As mentioned early, the sangria is serious at Calle Ocho.  Red wine (burgundy) is mixed with brandy, ginger ale, triple sec, and vodka, then fruit soaked by apples, oranges, lemons, and limes to create a love potion like no other.  Even one glass will have you giving your date googley eyes or will send your best girlfriends into a texting frenzy with their ex’s.  Visit Calle Ocho for a satisfying dinner or a boozy brunch soon! xo
Calle Ocho.  45 West 81st Street (inside the Excelsior Hotel)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beauty & The Beats at Rare Salon

Sunday afternoon at Rare Salon in Tribeca was the perfect way to spend the day filled with beauty treatments from hair to nails, while indulging in champagne and sweet treats.  The second installment of the "BEAUTY & THE BEATS" event was hosted by Rare Salon by F.S. Charlie and powered by the team at Rawthentix/RAW Creative Group.
Both current clients and city girls and guys who were looking for their new favorite salon, enjoyed services for only $40 that included shampoo/condition treatments with luxury Oribe products, scalp massages and blowouts, "Zoom Groom" for the handsome gents, custom manicures by celebrity nail artist Naomi Yasuda, and makeup application featuring the multi-talented Ashley Spedale.  Rocio Briceno, an Apprentice/Stylist at Rare, give me the best blowout of my city life!  This girl rocked.  Make sure to make an appointment with her for a blowout before your next date or event.
Guests enjoyed mini gourmet cupcake delights in the mouth-watering flavors of Cinnamon Toast, Vanilla, & Red Velvet baked with love by Glittle Cupcakes (owned by the just mentioned Ms. Spedale).  Fresh fruit was served, to make you feel a little less guilty about your cupcake indulgence, and endless bottles of champagne and glasses of mimosas made for a tipsy Sunday-Funday!
Shopping-obsessed fasionistas had the opportunity to sample and purchase the new t-shirt and jewelry line division of Hardbody, NYC created by designer Irmak Ayverdi set to launch this Winter 2011 (which of course led me to buy hip pink feathered earrings), while DJ/Producer Lucas Fable of OneSound Label spun Hip Hop, House, & Funk beats.
Gifting was made possible by sponsors that included D.BRAND who provided a custom selection of denim jeans that made my booty look just about as perfect as it can get for a girl with curves, Reed Space supplied keepsake graphic/logo tote bags, Tough Love signature heat pins, Oribe hair products, and Hardbody, NYC gave a limited selection of feather jewelry for a selection of press.  Celebrity sneaker artist Mike Cole (Mikey Likes It) was also in attendance.

Stay tuned for Beauty & The Beats III this coming mid December!  It's going to be bigger and better!  When the cold weather and bitter breeze has done damage to your hair, Rare Salon will be the best place downtown to get dolled up.  You will have to join in on this must-attend winter beauty and style event. xo

Image Credit: Zehra Kazmi

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Navigate The Online Dating Scene in NYC

Did your summer love end with the chill of a fall breeze? Or did you spend last night whining with your girlfriends because you deleted Mr. Wrong from your phone yesterday…for the second time? Well, you may be in luck, because one of these dating websites could open the door to a new online suitor to date offline in the city!

Learn How to Navigate The Online Dating Scene in New York City on my newest HPNOTIQ article! xo

Monday, September 19, 2011

Oktoberfest on the Hudson

Love the beautiful view of the city on the Hudson River?  Yearning to celebrate the beginning of fall with a few glasses of ale?  Join World Yacht’s Second Annual Oktoberfest on the Hudson this Saturday, September 24th for a crisp autumn day on the water, while sipping German beers, tasting traditional dishes, and of course dancing around to a little polka for entertainment.

Pier 81 will be magically transformed into a beer garden, serving Paulaner German Beers and snacks such as bratwurst and pretzels, from noon until 4:30pm (rain or shine).  A one hour beer cruise will also be included for just an extra $5 a ticket!

Tickets are available for purchase here and tickets for food and drink items can also be purchased in advance, or at the pier.  This seasonal drinking tradition is not to be missed!
World Yacht.   Pier 81 W 41st Street & the Hudson River.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 10 Lies Men Tell Women

We all know we’ve told a few white lies here and there when in a relationship.  Heck, there are even common lies women tell men, but it’s also no secret that men have told us tall tales, and many of these lies are oh-so-common.

Visit HPNOTIQ to check out my article on the Top Ten Lies Men Tell Women xo

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where to Meet Guys in NYC

Long ago were your college days of meeting a new guy in psych class or at a mixer with your favorite fraternity.  As a twenty or thirty-something lady dating on the crazy streets of NYC, meeting a new guy that you can trust or who has similar interests can prove to be difficult. Even though you can no longer kiss a handsome stranger at a Thursday night keg party, there are are a few ways to meet new men as a grown up woman in the city.
(image via)

Ticketed Events:  Are you a foodie or have a passion for the art gallery scene?  Tickets to Gilt City and Openhouse Gallery events, such as The Big Cheesy and Middle Feast will introduce you to men who also enjoy tasting the best meals the city has to offer or an intimate view of an exhibit in a social environment with an in-the-know crowd.

Intramural Sports:  Did you play a sport in college?  Or miss your childhood days of dodge ball in your crush’s backyard on your block?  Join a league like what Zog Sports has to offer. You may meet an althetic cutie, who is at least looking to make new friends.  And hey, I’ve heard they drink after the games.

Gym:  Always catch the eye of a sexy guy in spin class?  Chat him up about his new heart rate monitor, as you are in the market to purchase one (and also in the market to brush up against his perfect abs).

Grocery Store:  Shopping at Whole Foods for your favorite coconut water and spot a brooding hipster reaching for the same bottle?  Why not start a conversation about which brand you prefer.

Volunteer:  Are you “going green?  Join a Food Coop, like the one in Park Slope.  Love animals?  Volunteer at a shelter.  You may meet a like-minded man, who sharea your beliefs in charity and philanthropy.

Beer Tastings:  Men love beer.  I mean, they really really love beer.  So, why not attend a beer tasting, like Learning to Beer at Idle Hands?  You will sip on quality brews, taste local East Village cuisines, and possibly meet a gentleman (or two).

Coffee Shops:  Oh the life of freelance writers and film editors - sitting at your local downtown coffee shop, sipping lattes and staring at their MacBooks.  Ask that cutie by the wall to plug in your laptop, as you just can’t seem to reach the wall from your table.

Meetups:  Interested in social media?  Are you a wine connoisseur?  There's a Meetup Group for you (and potentially your future boyfriend).

Through Friends:  At a rooftop cookout in Brooklyn or an intimate birthday dinner in Soho, you will be introduced to your friends’ friends.  If your sorority sister or coworker loves and trusts him, you will easily get to know this guy in your circle.

The Office:  Who doesn't want to find the Jim to their Pam?

Where do you meet men in NYC? xo

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dating Outside Your Borough

(image via New York Times)

Cross country romances are the things long distance relationships are made of.  But what about outer-borough dating?  As a New Yorker, traveling via subway from Tribeca to Astoria, Queens can take about 45 minutes.  And Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to the East Village?  An hour!   Even though the actual distance from borough to borough (and even downtown to uptown Manhattan) is only a few mere miles, public transportation can make the trip feel like a very long suburban car ride to get to your love.

Will you date guys who don’t live in your neighborhood?  Are you willing to commute an hour or more to date someone?

What are your thoughts on long distance dating within New York City? xo

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beauty & The Beats

Looking for a way to celebrate the end of summer in style?  Rare by F.S. Charlie is gearing up this coming Sunday, Sept. 18 for the 2nd quarterly installment of "Beauty & The Beats".  The first event back in June was such a success they had to plan a second party to end the summer right.

Expect an afternoon of beauty services for both pretty city ladies and handsome gents.  Get pampered with a wash and blowout, manicure, and makeup application for the ladies, and “Zoom Groom” for men - all for only $40 at Rare!   Celebrity nail artist Naomi Yasuda, who has manicured some of the hottest talents in the music business, including Katy Perry and Lady GaGa will be on hand to create nail envy.

DJ/B-Girl collective Hardbody, NYC will be spinning a mixed blend of House, Classics, & Electro beats.  A selection of delicious cocktails to sip on, as well as gourmet Glittle Cupcake bites by makeup artist/baker extraordinaire Ashley Spedale, will be featured to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Guests who purchased the all-inclusive package will receive a special gift bag, courtesy of the amazing sponsors, such as Mikey Likes It, Cherrytree Records, and Tough Love.  Want to come home with more than a beauty makeover and a tipsy swagger?  Luckily, you can shop!  Hardbody will preview and sell limited feather pieces from their new F/W 2011 jewelry collection to launch that will include earcuffs, hair clips and more.

DATE: Sunday, Sept 18th
TIME: 12PM - 4PM (Beauty Services) | 5PM - 9PM  (After-Party)
LOCATION: Rare at 317 Church St, 10013 (Btwn Walker & Lispenard)

Beauty, nightlife, music and cocktails, anyone? xo

Friday, September 9, 2011

Blogger's Night Out

Will you be celebrating fashion & lifestyle bloggers at tonight's inaugural Blogger's Night Out?  Learn more about the darling bloggers who have coordinated the event at Pranna on Style Within Reach.

For info on future events in NYC and other cities near you, "like" them on Facebook & follow them in Twitter! xo

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion's Night Out!

Hello, New York Fashion Week!  I may not be a model or a real-life fashionista, but as a downtown girl-about-town shopping is my second favorite past time (after socializing, of course).  Tonight, from the cobblestones of Soho to the glamour of the Upper East Side, pretty city ladies and stylish gents will be shopping, sipping champagne, and dancing the night away at after-parties.  
My darling friend (and past East Village roommate) Caitlin Moran, the creator of Style Within Reach and a contributor to Glitter Guide, will be hosting the event tonight at Accessorize.  For details, click here!

For the official guide to where to be in New York City this evening, visit Fashion's Night Out.

Where will you be shopping tonight? xo

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kristy Furg Photography

New York City is filled with artists - from Broadway performers to nightlife DJ's to jazz musicians.  Our streets are filled with creative geniuses.  When it comes to lifestyle photography, the talented Kristy Furg captures the true beauty and essence of her subjects. Whether you're a foodie blogger like Sarah Spigelman or an Argentine polo player like Nacho Figueras (who is also the sexy face of Ralph Lauren Polo), Kristy Furg knows how to make you shine as your best self.

When I was featured in City Unlisted, I was treated to an amazing shoot.  I felt like a real model, not just a blogger and writer.  Kristy's endless ideas for locations, props, and the storyline behind the photos gave character to each and every shot.

Here's just a sampling of Kristy's work:

(Nacho Figueras)
(Broadway's Leigh Ann Larkin)

For more of Kristy's work or to book her for a shoot, check out her site! xo

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bottles & Burlesque

Start the cooler months off right this fall by heating them up with sexy burlesque and bottle service at Affaire.  Starting this Wednesday, September 7, Affaire in the East Village will be bringing back their infamous nights of Bottle & Burlesque.
(image via)

For just $125 on any Wednesday night in September and October, get a table reservation for 4-6 people, plus a bottle of super-premium Emperor's Brand Vodka (bottle service that by itself typically runs $350), as well as entertainment by three of NYC's premier tassle-twirlers from Wasabassco Burlesque.  To make the night even more indulgent, they are throwing in unlimited pommes frites for the table.

Remember that reservations are required.  Call ahead to book a sultry Wednesday night for the perfect girls' night out, birthday celebration, or a risque double date.
Affaire. 50 Avenue B.

Friday, September 2, 2011

LC MAG Party for Fashion & Charity

As a downtown girl-about-town, spending evenings at restaurant openings, on dates with new cuties, at happy hours with my best girlfriends, and imbibing at nightlife events keep my weeks action packed.  Out of all of my plans in a hectic (and sometimes double-booked) NYC lifestyle, the nearest and dearest to my heart are those events that aim to support a noteworthy cause.  Since spending my college years as a member and Theta Pi Chapter President of Alpha Omicron Pi, charity and philanthropic work have been an important focus in my beliefs.  This month, I’ll be joining the Lifestyle + Charity team in sponsoring a wonderful event that I hope you’ll be joining me at!
“The LC MAG Party is the go to social-philanthropic fashion party for NYC’s Socialites.”  On September 22, 2011, Lifestyle + Charity Magazine and NYC Designer, Lauren Gabrielson, invite you to be part of the social-philanthropic scene, where sought-after dresses meet charity to support City Harvest.  As most New Yorkers know, City Harvest is focused on rescuing food for New York’s hungry.  They help feed over 300,000 people each week by rescuing over 83,000 pounds of food each day, regularly giving food to nearly 600 community programs.

This boutique party event and fundraiser will feature shopping and networking with NYC’s most alluring socialites.  Enjoy a personal meet and greet with the designer herself, whose designs have been seen in Elle Magazine and worn by Bethenny Frankel.  Sip on complimentary wine and nosh on guilt-free, yet delicious snacks from PopChips.  Meet the Featured VIP guest, Jen Abrams, Fashion Correspondent, Media Host and Beauty/Lifestyle Editor, seen on Fox News 29 Philadelphia and ABC 6.  The first 50 guests will receive the “LC Socialite-Charity Gift Bag” and 2 guests will win the “LC Metropolitan Giveaway Gift Package!”

Event details:
September 22, 2011 | 6:30 – 9:00 PM
Lauren Gabrielson Boutique
278 Mott Street
Tickets: $40
RSVP + Buy Tickets in Advance Only

Hope to see some of my lovely readers on September 22nd! xo

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Date Do's & Dont's

Before heading out in your Louboutin's with that cutie you met last week, or the blind date your co-worker has insisted you go on, you must refer to my Do's & Dont's to make the best of your evening with Mr. Right Now...

Visit HPNOTIQ for my article on what to do and what to absolutely avoid on your next first date! xo

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