Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Not to Wear to a Wedding

For those weddings when you’re not forced to squeeze into a shiny taffeta bridesmaid uniform (I mean, beautiful gown) you’ll need to find the right dress to wear for the nuptials.  To look beautiful and sexy without taking away any attention from the bride, keep in mind these fashion no-no’s when planning your outfit as a wedding guest.
A White Dress.  It might seem obvious, but women all over the city (and frankly, the country) keep making this mistake.  Save the romantic flowy white dress for an al fresco brunch date with your girlfriends and take your pick of every other color in the rainbow for your wedding guest party dress.

Anything Too Tight or Too Short.  Of course you want to look attractive and a little sexy to get the attention of that handsome groomsman, but you can get those come hither stares while still keeping your reputation as a lady intact.  Remember that wedding guests include family members of the bride and groom.  Nonna Genevieve will not approve if your cocktail dress is tight on your ass with your chest hanging out for all of the male guests to gawk at.

A Conservative Suit.  Suits at weddings can be a “Do” if they've got a skirt, have feminine details, and are in a stunning color (vintage Chanel skirt suit?  Yes, please!).  But that thing you wore to the last three unsuccessful job interviews?  Not appropriate.  Weddings are celebrations, so let go a little!

An Upstaging Dress.  Your sequined, low-cut dress from last year’s office holiday party at Cipriani?  Definitely not.  This can be tricky, if the invitation reads "black tie”.  If the fancy dress you've been eyeing says "Look at me!" or has red carpet details like a train or backless cutouts, please reconsider.  You don’t want to take any attention away from the bride or her bridesmaids by looking like J. Lo at the Grammys.

The Same Color as the Bridal Party.  The bridesmaids may not love their gowns, but that doesn't mean they aren't protective about the fact that they are the special, chosen ones.  The bride selected their dresses to fit perfectly into her wedding color scheme, so her besties stand out among the crowd of wedding guests.  Find out ahead of time what color the bridal party will be rocking, so you don’t blend in with their team.

What rules do you follow when wearing a dress to a wedding? xo


  1. Great timing on this post! I was just searching for a dress to wear to a wedding in a few weeks and found one that I love, but is the exact same color as the bridesmaids dresses. Wasn't sure if it was a faux pas or not. I was leaning against not wearing it and your post convinced me not to :)

  2. I wore black the other day to a day wedding. Not sure if one should wear black to only an evening wedding!?

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