Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Not to Order on a First Date

(image via NYC Daily Deals)

Red Wine.  If you’re wearing light colors (and tend to be jittery when nervous), this is a spill waiting to happen on your favorite new dress.  And it may also stain your pearly white smile.

Hummus.  Growing up in a Middle Eastern household, hummus was served with everything from eggs to salad.  As healthy and delicious as this dip may be, it is a "no, no" on a date.  Hello, garlic breath.

Ribs and Hot Wings.  Eating with your hands, as the sauce drips, while you take huge gnawing bites off the bone is fine with your dude friends at a sports bar, but not so sexy with a new crush.

Oodles of Noodles.  From Pad Thai to linguine with clam sauce, any long noodle or pasta may turn into a slurping disaster.

Spicy and Exotic Cuisine.  Anything with potential to upset a sensitive stomach (Indian Curry, anyone?) should be avoided.  Hours spent in the bathroom are better left for your married years.

Lobster.  This seafood dish is not only pricey, so you’ll look like a spoiled princess ordering the most expensive item on the menu, but it is also messy as you crack that sucker open, then spend the rest of the night reeking like fish meat and butter.

Frozen Desserts.  From trendy popsicles like People’s Pops to dripping ice cream cones, cold treats may seem tempting on a hot summer night date, but all this phallic shaped licking may give a dirty boy the wrong idea.

What do you avoid ordering on a first date? xo


  1. can i avoid eating all together on a first date???
    If i order ice cream i order it from a cup... and eat it with a spoon.
    All you can Eat buffets are no no's!

  2. Sushi. The rolls are so big, there is no polite way to eat them...you either bite it in half and end up with a mess or shove the whole thing in and almost choke and are unable to talk for the next 90 seconds while you chew.

  3. I have to say my 2 favs are the Spicy & Exotic Cuisine AND the Frozen Desserts, ha ha, so hilarious!


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