Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Not to Drink on a First Date

A first date can be nerve-wracking.  Whether he’s a set up through a friend or the cutie you’ve been thinking about every day since meeting him at a bar last week, there’s so much to worry about as you hope this date will be a success.  So, why let your alcohol of choice be a factor in making or breaking the evening?  Imbibe without a messy mistake or becoming a stereotype by avoiding these drinks on a first date.
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Sex On The Beach.  Or any ridiculously named girly drink for that matter, will make you appear a bit immature.  Cocktails with over-the-top names can also infer you lack knowledge in quality liquors.  If you still want something sugary, order good quality vodka with soda or juice to satisfy your sweet tooth without the silly drink name.

PBR.  Cheap.  Boring.  Easy to Get.  These descriptions are perfect to describe the canned beer that is PBR, but not how you’d wish to be referred to as.  If you prefer beer to wine or liquor, feel free to order your favorite ale on a first date.  Appear more lady-like by enjoying a draft or pour a bottle into a glass.

Pitcher of Bud Light.  Yes, beer is fine on a first date, but unless you want to seem like one of the dudes, don’t ask for a pitcher with plastic cups.  Cheap beer served in a giant pitcher accompanied by wings and greasy fried foods is more appropriate for a chill night out with your best guy friends than for a romantic first date.

Red Wine.  If you’re wearing light colors (and tend to be jittery when nervous), this is a spill waiting to happen on your favorite new dress.  And it may also stain your pearly white smile.

Tequila Shots.  Spring break wet t-shirt contest, anyone?  You don’t want to show your party girl side by getting wasted and behaving like a mess.  This is not attractive when you’re just getting to know someone.  Skip the shots, sister.

Expensive Bottle of Champagne.  A sophisticated glass of bubbly will make any lady look classy, but the enormous price tag on the bottle will make you look spoiled.  For the same sweet and bubbly taste, without looking like you expect him to drop $100 on your cocktail tab, order a glass of Prosecco or Cava. 

Make sure that you do take plenty sips of water, while enjoying alcohol on your date to stay hydrated and to avoid a hangover the next morning.  And even though you may be nervous, don’t forget to eat.  Know which foods to avoid ordering on a first date then feel free to peruse the menu to enjoy a meal or appetizers together as you get to know your new crush.  Cheers to your new date! 


  1. no picklebacks!!! ;)

    also, i have been told, that lots of dudes are very impressed by a lady that knows how to properly order a classic cocktail. "gin martini, dirty, with extra olives. please." ;)

  2. Love the Tequila Shots one, so funny!

  3. I've been told that my glass of anything sparkling makes me look like a spoiled princess... Ha! I try to let my date's drink order guide the evening, too. Good tips! One other thing: I don't think my first date would be in a place that offers pitchers of Bud with plastic cups. Okay, so the first sentence, yes, I am a bit of a spoiled princess, I guess... hahahaha!


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