Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Take it Like a Man

(Does Samantha Jones really exist?)

Everyone knows that men can easily separate sex from love.  Sometimes sex is just sex.  But for a woman, sex is typically an expression of her love or a way to feel closer to the man she is falling for.  When the deed is done, a woman is biologically wired to release hormones creating a feeling of affection for the warm body snoring at her side.

But, what if a woman is single and just misses the act of sex?  The raw, exciting, orgasmic release.  Can a woman sleep with a man solely for sex?  And the even bigger question is: will the man believe her when she says that is all she’s after?

Friends-with-benefits and one night stands run the twenty-something dating scene in the late-night world of New York City.  Both men and women can develop feelings for someone they are consistently hooking up with, while a one-night-only romp with a stranger is easy to get over.  But, what if a lady desires a man who isn’t a stranger, but someone who will continue to be in her life long after a sex session - a coworker or neighbor perhaps?

A man can desire a woman based completely on her looks.  Why can’t a woman feel the same about a fit, well-dressed, handsome man?  She may find that he lacks boyfriend qualities, but would make the perfect sleepover buddy.  Would the slumber party guest in question believe that's all she wants?

Do you believe a woman can have sex just to have sex?  And do you think a man will believe her when she says satisfaction is all she’s after?  xo


  1. I say, why not? This is, after all, 2011 ~ A Woman's World Era!!

  2. Yes they can!!! I don't think guys fully believe it though.


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