Monday, August 8, 2011

Sugar Daddy

Last week on the Today Show Arianna Huffington sat with anchor Ann Curry and psychiatrist Gail Saltz to talk about the current trend of young women strapped for cash seeking sugar daddies online to help pay their student loan debt in exchange for companionship.

Arianna suggested that these so-called "sugar babies" are selling themselves to cope with the failure of the American Dream. "You play by the rules, you work hard, you graduate from college.  But we have an economy which does not make it possible for them to get a good job and pay their debts."

For young, educated, unemployed women "This is really an act of desperation," said Arianna.

The most interesting reaction regarding this segment came from my mother, who sent her thoughts to me via text.  Please keep in mind, these are her texts verbatim.

Mom: Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby seems like a good idea for tuition $ lol That was the college topic for Today, hah!

Me: I saw. You're insane.

Mom: Maybe the sug dads are nice, they feed u, pay ur bills, buy u expensive purses/fashions, keep u safe & some are prob old & have less sex drives than younger men! Hah! And no more college loans! No wonder women want to look for a good sugar daddy!

Most mothers watched this segment and feared that their daughters would get so financially desperate that they'd prostitute themselves to survive.  My mother apparently thought it was genius.

What are your thoughts on Sugar Daddies? xo


  1. I wouldn't be sug dad for a young girl, but that whole "less sex drive" thingy - not true! WHich is why I think a lot of girls are thinking about older as men as "old men." My friends are are all into mountain biking, triathlons, extreme sports - in mid-to-late 40's and they aren't slowing down.

    So beware girls - you may get more than you bargained for.

  2. "Marry rich men merely because they are rich, or have splendid houses, which are not homes because love is wanting? I'd rather see you poor mens wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented, than queens on thrones, without self-respect and peace."

  3. i read and article where I was under the creepy impression that it was a bunch of older men looking for sexual favors. it saddens me that this is what it has come to.

  4. Now we have to get married so I can have an Amazing Mom like her too!!!

  5. Excuse me, Mr."The Hubby"...but you have to get pre-approved by MareBare herself! Just a warning, I am very selective!! Unless, of course, you're good for the $cash$ lol.

  6. Damn, I wish I knew about this when I was in college and single! ; )


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