Monday, August 15, 2011

Joy Bauer's Food Cures Luncheon

NYC's trustworthy health journalists and favorite lifestyle bloggers were invited to dine last week with The Today Show's Joy Bauer to celebrate the newly revised and updated edition of Food Cures, the nutritionist's guide to eating the right foods to make an impact on your health; whether you need to improve the glow of your skin without a trip to the spa for a facial, lower your cholesterol without medication, or slim down back into your college shape without counting calories.   This go-to book can serve as your personal nutritionist to help you to accomplish an overall healthier life.

As women in the fast-paced, career driven microcosm of New York City, eating well to stay in tip-top-shape is a daily challenge.  Running from the office to the gym to a date to late night cocktails with your girlfriends, counting calories and watching "bad" carbs can drive a city girl crazy.  With an easy to follow approach to a healthy lifestyle, Food Cures may just be the new bible for the busy women of NYC.

During our afternoon with the engaging Ms. Bauer, we feasted on a delicious lunch packed with solid nutrition.  During each course, the petite and engaging Bauer explained why she chose each ingredient.  Clams "Casino" and Mussels "Rockefeller" served as the perfectly portioned appetizer.  These healthy versions of the typically greasy and bread crumb filled shellfish, were instead topped with almonds, spinach, cantaloupe and bell pepper relish, and guava cubes.  Green Tea and Rosemary Spiced Arctic Char (with lentil and carrot puree, broccolini, cherry tomato confit, leek coulis) was served as our entree.  This delish pink fish, similar to salmon in both color and nutrients, was fresh and flavorful.  Joy couldn't stress enough that cold-water, fatty fish like salmon and sardines are the best seafood sources for omega-3s.  Opting for wild salmon over farm raised is also an important note to keep in mind, whenever possible for fewer toxins.

Although Joy instructs (and follows) a healthy food focused life, she knows a girl can't live without chocolate or alcohol.  For dessert she treated us to Espresso and Chocolate Mousse (sprinkled with berries and cocoa nibs).  This fluffy, yet strong dessert rounded off lunch with a sweet touch.  As we enjoyed our delicious and instructional meal, we sipped on a Pomegranate Prosecco Cocktail, as this tart fruit is loaded with antioxidants to fight skin cancer, and a little alcohol (Joy suggests only one drink a day) can actually be good for you!

When hitting happy hour with your crew, she advises "don't go overboard".  Enjoy a slimming adult beverage of a shot of vodka (or whatever your preferred hard liquor of choice may be), club soda, and a splash of any fruit juice.  This cocktail will only cost you about 100 calories, so the only guilt you will feel when imbibing will be induced by all the gossip about your coworkers and ex boyfriends.

Food Cures is available now!  So order your copy, and get your city girl booty in the best shape it can be!


  1. I have always heard about FOOD CURES. Must get this! Thanks for the review. So great!

  2. This book looks great, I am def. going to get it asap!

  3. FABulous! Can't wait to read it, but it will have to wait until the Fall...I'm way too busy eating away & partying all summer long!

  4. Wow this book have a new york time bestseller, I love this note: the nutritionist's guide to eating the right foods to make an impact on your health, thanks for share it.

    Best regards,

  5. This book looks so good, I can't wait for buying this amazing nutrition guide.

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