Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Guys Every Girl Should Sleep With

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There are men who make the best boyfriends and husbands – trustworthy, caring, intelligent, affectionate…I can go on and on about the qualities that make up Mr. Right.  Along the path to finding your Prince Charming, you may kiss (and fall into bed with) many different men.  To find out just want you want and need from a man and a relationship, make sure to spend some intimate time with the sterotypes every girl should sleep with.

The Older Guy.  He’s experienced. Very experienced.  This older and wiser man can teach you a thing or two.

The Younger Guy.  He may make you feel a bit old, but most likely he’ll remind you of what your carefree life was like post-college.  His high sex drive lends him tons of energy to keep going for hours.

The Guy Who Likes You More Than You Like Him.  This sweet guy has put you on a pedestal.  He will do anything to please you, while he makes sure your needs are met first.  Just be careful with this enamored gentleman -  you don’t want to break his heart.

The Bad Boy.  Wild, rough, uninhibited sex.  Sometimes a girl just needs to let go.

The Romantic.  This suave guy will kiss your neck, while caressing your arms, and brushing back your long hair from your beautiful face.  Plan to spend the night cuddling in his gentle arms.

The Artist.  This creative hipster is emotionally connected to both his craft and your body.

The Clean Freak.  He always has his bed fixed with clean sheets, his room is tidy, and the sink in his bathroom is shinier than your mother’s.   He may even give you pj’s to sleep in (to avoid your city clothes coming in contact with his germ-free space).  This anal guy may seem like someone to avoid hooking up with, but his efficiency in the cleanliness department may make him a thorough lover.

The Expiration Date.  He may be visiting the city on a work trip or about to move to LA for his career.  Either way, this fling will stay just that - a brief, but possibly intense affair without the messy baggage of having strings attached.

Who are the guys you believe every girl should sleep with? xo


  1. This is a great post! My favorite... The Expiration Date! Intense and Brief, perfect! You nailed it.

  2. Wow, this is a great list! I especially agree with older/younger man--important to have both. Also I would suggest adding the guy who actually likes to go out on dates (as opposed to staying between the sheets). Sometimes it's just nice to have that FW extra B :)

  3. I could use a few more of the "Guy who likes you more than you like him" in my life.

  4. lmao great list! Actually the younger guy for me had WAY less libido then the older guys. Never had the "expiration date" before...


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