Monday, August 22, 2011

Catch Me If You Can

Love.  Betrayal.  Drama.  Comedy.  Lust.  The world of musical theatre is filled with the things dreams are made of.  Catch Me If You Can, currently playing on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre, is the perfect night out for those looking to laugh, smile, and possibly fall in love inside a singing and dancing dream.
Catch Me If You Can, based on the DreamWorks Motion  Picture, stars Broadway vet Norbert Leo Butz, as the play-by-the-books Agent Carl Hanratty, and Aaron Tveit, as a young, scheming, and charming Frank Abagnale, Jr. (portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen).  The comic timing by Butz is comparable to no other currently on the Broadway stages.  With a powerhouse voice, quirky dance moves, and his heart on his sleeve, audience members sympathize with Butz’s Hanratty, a workaholic with a lonely soul.  His talents won him the 2011 Tony for Best Actor in a Musical.
Tveit is the ultimate heartthrob; with his leading man good looks and clear voice with a beautiful belt.  And his handsome face will make any lady swoon.  The pint-sized leading lady, Brenda, played by Kerry Butler, is not your typical ingenue.  She may be blonde and petite, but this little lady's unique voice and awkward movements make her anything but ordinary.  Portraying Frank Abagnale, Sr., Tom Wopat, a favorite of both the stage and screen, shapes his son’s criminal future with a childhood filled with financial instability and a fantasy world of grandeur all the while bringing a heart and soul to this lost character.   Each and every cast member brings energy and something special to the performance.  Even the ensemble dancers are triple threats - no dancers who can’t sing here.
On Thursday evening, Catch Me If You Can hosted Blogger Night, for NYC's in-the-know locals to enjoy this Broadway hit to share just how magical the evening is with their readers.  Whether looking for a girls' night out that doesn't focus on getting tipsy or for a date night out with your man, Catch Me If You Can delivers.
Musical theatre sings to the hopeless romantic in all of us.  So, if you’re looking to impress your date with a night of culture, laughs, and a little romance, make sure to scope out Broadway tickets.  Hurry and buy your tickets here for Catch Me If You Can before the show closes on September 4th!

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  1. so jealous that you got to see this! You didnt tell me!! Glad to hear it was a hit.. hope to see it soon!! xoxo


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