Monday, August 29, 2011

An Affaire with Chef Edgar Navarette

Things got steamy last week at Affaire, the East Village’s sexy French Restaurant and lounge.  Chef Edgar Navarette instructed food bloggers on how to make Mussels Mariniere, Provencal and Grand Mere in the tiny upstairs kitchen of the restaurant on Thursday evening.
Chef Navarette began by heating up oil, and then added chopped shallots and fresh mussels followed by chopped garlic, to make sure the garlic didn’t get burnt in the process.  Next up, was white wine, a bit of butter (heck, a slab of butter), salt, and pepper.  This heaping pan was then topped with chopped parsley.  He instructed that once the mussels start opening, you must turn down the flame to save them from being overcooked.
This basic recipe for mussels sent delicious, heavenly scents throughout the kitchen space and into Affaire’s intimate rooms downstairs.  For special varieties of mussels, Chef Navarette added bacon, beer and heavy cream to one batch and even curry to another pot of piping hot mussels.  Each recipe required only a few basic ingredients and took a matter of minutes to cook.  Mussels may seem like a restaurant-only indulgence, but Chef Navaratte made it clear that this French dish can be enjoyed at home any night of the week.
When dining at Affaire an order of mussels are a must!  And the perfect compliment?  Creamy, salty, crispy Goat Cheese Fries.  Check out other menu items, including their strong cocktails here.  And make reservations for your own East Village Affaire soon.


  1. It looks to good to pass up. We'll have to go next Marebare and I come to visit you!


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