Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Ways to Make His Mother Love You

A mother cherishes, adores, and spoils her sweet baby boy.  As he grows and matures, she may still think of him as a child and behave protectively suspicious of the other women in his life.  News flash ladies, YOU are the other woman.  Mommy Dearest may always come first (well, until you marry that sweet baby boy, and you and your children together become his priority).  But until that special day, you must make nice with momma.
(Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez in Monster-in-Law)

Bring Sweet Treats.  Even if you can't bake like Martha, a pastry from your favorite little bakery downtown will help sweeten the deal during your first meeting together. Ask your boyfriend about her favorite indulgences to make sure you bring something with her taste in mind - not a generic fruit cake during the Holiday season.  Also, note her allergies because if your walnut bread sends her reaching for an EpiPen, sending her on an ambulance ride to the ER, your kind gesture will be lost.

Dress Like a Lady.  That sundress you wore to your best friend's bridal shower is much more appropriate for dinner at your future in-laws home than last night's black mini.  Pack and dress accordingly.

Share.  Open up about your family, your career goals, what's important to you.  She will appreciate an inside look at the girl who has her son's heart.  Being too quiet might make her suspicious of you or wonder if you're too stuck up to fit in with her family.

Name Drop.  Okay, so don't tell her about your night at The Jane watching Lindsay Lohan do lines, but including her on fun celebrity driven facts will make her feel cool and included.  Reminiscing about the days when that cutie Paul Dano from Little Miss Sunshine was your neighbor?  Totally acceptable.  Telling her about last Sunday's run in at Whole Foods with Rachael Ray?  Also a good mom-tale.

Compliment Her.  Is her home decorated like a page out of Domino Magazine?  Did she bake the most flavorful salmon you've ever enjoyed?  Make sure to let her know you appreciate her taste or skills in home decor, fashion, cooking, fitness, nutrition, etc.  She will appreciate a heart-felt compliment.  Anything fake or backhanded will be noted.

How do you make his mother love you? xo

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