Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Signs You're Not His Girlfriend

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You've been dating a guy for a few weeks (or even months).  He seems to really have fun when you’re out on dates and the sexual chemistry is hot, but you get the feeling he’s not making an effort to commit.  So what are the signs that this dude, as lovely as your time together seems, does not plan on sticking around through Valentine’s Day? I’ve seen this happen again and again with so many of my beautiful, fun, and intelligent girlfriends.  So what are the tell-tale signs he’s about to jump ship?

He Texts, But Never Calls.  Texting is an easy way for guys to avoid true communication.  They can respond whenever they feel like it (at the gym, when their mom is lecturing them, while at a board meeting in the office), but this also means they can ignore your texts when they feel like it (and only respond hours after you’ve questioned him about his plans for that evening).

He Blows You Off or Flakes.  Don’t make excuses for this guy (such as, “Oh I’m sure he’s just busy working on that project with his bro.” Or “He must be exhausted from his tennis lesson.”)   If a guy likes you and wants to continue hanging out with you, he’ll find a way to do so.  Guys go after what they want and hate to lose.

His Ex is His Bestie.  He would forget his ex if you were the girl of his dreams.  If he continues talking to her on the regular (and talks about her to you just as often), he is probably not over her or at least hoping he can still keep her around for a late-night booty call.

You Haven’t Met His Buddies.  Guys want to show off their girl.  They feel proud to introduce their sexy, funny girlfriend to their crew.

He Avoids PDA’s.  Some guys just aren’t into getting hot and heavy in public.  But, if he wants you to be his girl he will at least put his arm around your waist, hold your hand, or kiss you on the check.  Even if he isn’t the touchy, affectionate type, men want to claim what’s theirs in front of others.

Only You Initiate Plans.  You’ve asked him to happy hour, dinner with your coworkers, and your summer roof party.  He attends and you have a great time together.  But he never invites you to dinners or events.  If you stop initiating plans and it leads to him going MIA, he clearly wasn’t planning on making you his bride.

What signs tell you he isn’t looking to commit? xo


  1. Lol, where did you ever find this photo? It's so perfect for this post!

  2. I love this post... all so true and SUCH things you realize *after* the fact but have to be aware of during! also, loving the taxi photo! so pretty :) [chels]


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