Monday, July 25, 2011

Insane Kickbox Camp at PNT Fitness

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July may almost be over, but there are still weekends left in the Hamptons and down in the dirty Jerz by the "shore" to rock that bikini body you’ve worked so hard on. From intense spin classes at SoulCycle to outdoor sweat sessions in Central Park at Boot Camp by Lauren Gould, you’ve been all around the city taking a variety of classes to meet your weight-loss and fitness goals, while keeping it interesting.

Well, it’s time to mix it up again!  For a high-intensity, music-blasting, all around fun workout, Insane Kickbox Camp (IKC) is the place to be!  This 45 minute class is organized by 5 min intervals alternating between cardio kick box and traditional boot camp, focused on toning, tightening and strengthening.  This is a serious workout, commanding amazing results.

Tara Faye Geesaman, a talented dancer who has been instructing cardio classes since her days at Wagner College, created IKC in 2009 to get her committed fitness followers in the best shape possible with her personal training brand, Fit to a T.  IKC was offered at studios around Manhattan when she first launched this workout craze, but has now found a home at PNT Fitness, a group fitness and cycling studio in Long Island City, where Tara serves as the Education Director and as an instructor.

Tara’s upbeat and outgoing personality will put you at ease, no matter your fitness level.  She will motivate you from the moment you step into the studio, with her encouragement and educated advice.  And witnessing her sexy, fit body doesn’t hurt to give any city girl a little push to work harder.

For a full list of classes (from Butts and Gutts to Sweat Shop) and schedules, visit PNT Fitness.

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  1. I agree. Non-contact kick-boxing is a great way to get fit. It strengthens and conditions the core for the sexy figure.


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