Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guys: You've Slept With Your Friend. Now What?

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After giving the ladies advice on what to do after hooking up with a friend, it’s time to let the men in on what they should do (and avoid doing) after a night of lust with one of their chick friends.  We may not be interested in becoming your girlfriend, but please respect our feelings by following these rules.

Don’t Call Us “Dude”.  If you’ve never referred to your gal pal as “dude” or called her only by her last name (“What’s up, Shaker?”) before you slept together, doing it after the act is a sure fire way to hurt her feelings and piss her off.  You’ve seen each other naked and maybe even cuddled, so by talking to her like she’s one of your frat brothers is a terrible idea.  Many men seem to think it’s a way to casually let her know you think of her as just a buddy, but seriously guys there are nicer ways of letting us down.

Don’t Ignore Us.  Please remember if we were friends before we slept together, you should acknowledge and respect your now friend-with-benefits.  Avoiding is rude and immature.

Don’t Ask Us About Our Sexy Spanish Friend.  Inquiring about the relationship status of our beautiful friend is another way to just hurt our feelings.  Our girlfriends are off limits.  If you’ve been with me, you can’t have her.

Don’t Tell Us About Your New Fling.  Yes, we realize if you’re not still hooking up with us, you’re getting it in somewhere else.  But, please don’t give us detailed descriptions of your sexcapades with your hot new neighbor or the girl we saw you talking to late-night at the dive bar.  Spare us the details to spare our feelings.

Do Be Honest.  It may take a lot of balls, but letting us know that you’d prefer us to be just friends or that you’re interested in taking it to the next level is the right thing to do.  Even if what you say isn’t exactly what you think we want to hear, we would rather know what you’re looking for than play the guessing game every time we cross paths.

Men, how do you behave after a platonic friendship turns intimate? xo

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