Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Great Panty Debate

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The days of Sisqo and his "Thong Song" were a thing of the past...or so I thought.  Lacy boy shorts have (thankfully) made their way into every city girl's wardrobe.  The delicate lace and low rise is sexy, while the fuller coverage adds comfort.  Women can feel playful and sultry, without a strip of fabric bothering their unmentionables.  While ladies have decided this panty look is a cut above the rest, lately men have been proclaiming they still love that thong th-thong thong thong.  This finding isn't very scientific, as surveying my recent lovers and dude friends isn't always the whole truth for all city gentlemen, but it is the word on the street (and late-night rooftop of Le Bain).  This girl does appreciate a good Hanky Panky thong to avoid unflattering panty lines in tight fitting minis and skinny jeans.  But for daily comfort with sex appeal, boy shorts and even satin or lace bikinis do the trick.

Do you think g-strings are a thing of the past?  Are ity-bity thongs a Yay or Nay? xo


  1. Full coverage all the way!! I can't even walk with a thong on! :o) And my thought on panty lines is "Yes, I am wearing underwear. Who cares??" lol Great post, Sarah!

    ~Amy (from Fall River)

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  3. If thongs are dead, it is a sad day for men everywhere. Girls, if your man says he doesn't like thongs, he is lying. Plain and simple.

  4. I think thongs are beautiful but I would rather my hottie not wear any panties.


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