Friday, July 22, 2011

The Chase

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As my readers know, I'm not a wait-around-for-Prince-Charming-to-make-a-move type of gal.  I'm forward and impatient.  But, because I will "wait for no man" my aggressive tactics do not always leave room for my current crush of the moment to chase me.  Inviting him to dinners and events leaves no opportunity for him to actually ask me out.

I’m a firm believer that a woman should go after what she wants, whether it’s a new job, a healthier body, or the man of her dreams.  But, when pursuing that special man, I’ve learned you must hold back from time to time to let him actually chase you.  If not, you may never know if he is accepting your invitations to hang out as buddies or because he is interested in being more than friends.  Feel confident in your beauty, brains, and bubbly personality and ask that man out.  Just make sure he isn’t the center of your world, so you make time to be busy with the things and people you love, giving him time to notice you’re missing from his life, so he can ask you out too!  If you’ve stepped back from the situation to give him room to make a move, and he doesn’t reach out, you’ll know he isn’t interested.

Asking him out too often may also make you appear needy.  As much as I hate to admit it, women should play games during the early stages of dating to avoid looking clingy or just plan obsessed.  Oh the drama of games.

Men go after what they want.  If they want you, they will figure out a way to have you.  So, if they are agreeing to hang out when you ask, but won’t make a move when the ball’s left in their court, move on sister.  You deserve a man who finds your outgoing personality sexy, but also can’t resist asking you to spend time with him because he can’t imagine his life without you.

Do you let men chase you? xo

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  1. It took me 29 years to learn how very important it is to step back, be patient and put your meter reader out there. See how proactive he is... or is not and you'll know if this is someone to invest in or just plain move on.


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