Friday, July 1, 2011

Boot Camp with Fitness Trainer Lauren Gould

(The pretty and fit Lauren after a race)

Still looking for a fun and inexpensive way to get bikini ready for long summer weekends in the Hamptons?  Boot camp classes with my lovely friend Lauren Gould will kick your booty into shape in a matter of weeks for only $45 for three consecutive sessions or $20 per individual class.  These intimate outdoor fitness workouts, with only 8 spots available per session, are perfect for both beginners requiring special attention and advanced fitness gurus who are looking to change up their regular cardio routine.  

Each day is a different workout packed with a variety of challenging, and high energy exercises, specifically calisthenics, plyometrics, resistance training, sports drills, cardiovascular training (running, sprinting, stair and hill climbing), speed and agility (balance and coordination) partner workouts, and stretching.

Lauren will push you to work your best at your own pace and comfort level.  With her positive outlook on overall nutrition and fitness, she will encourage you to take the lessons learned in boot camp into your daily lives.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or just get active outdoors, boot camp classes are for you!  In just 6 weeks, clients have noticed improvements in endurance levels, lost weight, and toned up, to feel sexier and slimmer in their summer wardrobe.  

Boot camp takes place multiple times a week, usually starting at 63rd Street and Central Park West (see exact times and locations here).  Even this downtown girl loves making the trek uptown for heart-pumping boot camp workouts to keep my sexy curves looking their best.

Reserve your spot by email today!   xo


  1. She really will kick your ass into shape no matter how much you curse her out... ;)

  2. I've already LOST WEIGHT!!!!! LOVE this bootcamp!

  3. I have consistenetly been going for 6 weeks and this was the week where my entire body litereally shed an inch or two all over. My arms are toned, my stomach is more flat and guess what peeps (!) I am wearning my skinny jeans today! Haven't put these babies on for months. Can't wait for cocktail hour to show my booty off tonight.

  4. What an incredible deal from such an awesome fitness trainer like Lauren! Oh how I wish I could attend 1 of her boot camp sessions. Yea, I love my Zumba, but 1 of her Boot Camp Classes would really be a fun challenge for me next time I'm in the city!!


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