Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Things I Love About Summer in NYC

(Even Bethenny loves sweet summer treats)

1. Dining al fresco for dinner, lunch, brunch, and happy hour.

2. Rooftop parties.

3. Backyard Brooklyn cookouts.

4. The pool and roof at Le Bain.

5. Weekends in the Hamptons, Fire Island, and Shelter Island.

6. Avoiding coat checks at clubs.

7. Central Park picnics.

8. Free kayaking on the Hudson.

9. Outdoor Boot Camp.

10. Adult versions of your childhood ice cream trucks all over the city (Van Leeuwen, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, & Kelvin Slush)

What do you love about summer in the city? xo


  1. I LOOOVEEE sitting outside on a patio with a cold glass of white wine in the city in the summer! Nothing beats it :)

  2. Sitting at an outdoor cafe, enjoying the weather, a delicious dinner & cocktail!


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