Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Things I Hate About Summer in NYC

As Candace Bushnell infamously wrote, "If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, then New York may just be mine".  But, even your greatest love can cause you pain (or have habits that will drive you nuts).  I may be in love with NYC, but there are just some things that are non-negotiables during the hot summer months.

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1. The smell of St. Marks in the heat.

2. The smell of the city in general (trash bags, dumpsters, alleys, behind restaurants, etc.) in the heat.

3. Waiting for a train while sweat drips down your neck, hair, and back of your dress.

4. Subway cars with broken A.C.

5. The lack of rooftop pools in residential buildings.

6. Lugging your purse, laptop, Bloomies bags, gym tote, and yoga mat to and from work and the gym, while sweating.

7. Traffic on a Friday during rush hour to Montauk.

8. A sexy straight blowout turning into curls in the humidity en route to a first date.

9. The line at Shake Shack.

10. Fighting through tourist flooded streets in Soho and Chinatown.

What made your list? xo


  1. hahaha Oh, this takes me back to when I lived in NYC. Now that I'm back in CT- I actually miss those things. lol

  2. oh my gosh. you are RIGHT ON. The subway is definitely the #1 worst thing about summer here. Dreadful. I also hate not being able to "grill out"...since I am from the south and loved being in the backyard grilling. No grilling on the fire escape. Boo. I also miss having a good pool to swim at. No community pools for me...and definitely no pool in my bldg!!!

  3. You're so right! NYC is so much nicer in the Fall & Spring!

  4. OMG I work in the Chinatown area so its definitely the worst!
    I think i figured out how to bypass my stupid firewall...
    by the way, its Monique. lol

  5. Tourists (!!!) that walk too slow, always looks up and often stand at the top of subway stairs or just in front of the turnstile once on the platform. The throngs of extended family members that walk around in their capris, white tennis shoes and their new, fake small little coach bags stuffed under their sweaty arms while their old one is stuffed into a plastic black bag. You know the type....


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