Friday, July 29, 2011

Music Media Buzz at RdV

(Natalie Zfat, Pete Wentz, & Kristina Marino via HPNOTIQ Blog)

Last night, NYC’s standout bloggers and your typical nightlife aficionados could be found at RdV’s “MusicMediaBuzz” summer series featuring HPNOTIQ Harmonie, hosted by Kristina Marino of The Downtown Diaries and Natalie Zfat of Poison Ivy.

Harmonie specialty cocktails were thrown back by party goers, while they snacked on sweet treats from Harmonie’s stocked candy bar, and what seemed like an endless supply of Baked By Melissa’s famous mini cupcakes.  Late in the evening guests rocked out to a live performance by Pete Wentz and The Black Cards.

Want to find out how the lovely "MusicMediaBuzz" hostesses manage successful blogs and full-time careers?  Check out their interview with HPNOTIQ here!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Michael Fredo Salon Creates Beauty & Music

(My new look by the lovely Stylist Adriana Fuentes)

What girl can resist being serenaded by a handsome man, as he plays piano?  Now, imagine being pampered by a stylist with a hip hair cut, dramatic ombre color, and a sexy blowout while your special song plays.  This is a city girl’s dream.  At Michael Fredo Salon on the Upper East Side you’ll be beautified while owner Michael Fredo, known for his late 90’s pop hit “This Time Around" sings on the hour, every hour.
Michael opened his namesake salon to combine his musical talents with his love for beauty and style.  As the nephew of designer Tommy Hilfiger, Michael grew up performing and socializing in the fashion world.  Fredo is a Juilliard graduate and has previously performed with Norah Jones, Lenny Kravitz and Britney Spears.
At yesterday’s Blogger Blowout event, ladies enjoyed a trim, sultry blowout, and delicious cocktails created by The Next Food Network Star’s culinary bad boy Chef Chris Nirschel.  Michael Fredo belted out classic love songs and favorites from his past albums, while playing the piano settled in the center of the salon floor.  This beauty haven was transformed into a full on party!
(With the beautiful Kris rocking her new style)

Sip on champagne, swoon to Michael’s ballads, and have your long locks blown out to perfection before a first date.  Prices start at only $65 for a cut, blow dry, and style.  This Upper East Side salon offers luxury services fit for a Gossip Girl, without requiring a trust fund from daddy.
The Michael Fredo Salon is slated to celebrate their grand opening in September, just in time for Fashion Week.  Michael Fredo Salon.  1349 Lexington Ave.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HaChi Restaurant Opens Tonight

(with Food & Event Blogger Thei)

The official launch party was held last night for HaChi Restaurant in the Lower East Side to kick of tonight’s opening for dinner.  This bi-level sushi den, featuring white lounge couches sprawled in the center of the space, streamed with dark blue lighting along the ceilings, is sure to give Japanese cuisine a sexy spin.  Tables line the walls to enjoy your meal in an intimate setting.  Hanging blue and purple lights illuminate the bar, separated from the main dining area by a pink and green floral painted glass wall.  Upstairs you’ll find more wooden tables to enjoy your Asian-fusion dinner, as you over look the crowd mingling on the main floor.
The menu features an array of interesting sushi rolls and dishes, combining fresh fish with nontraditional ingredients, including strawberry puree, mango salsa, and sundried tomato.  Lovers of the sea should start with the Seafood Ceviche (shrimp, clam, squid, white fish, mango, red onion, pepper, cilantro, cherry tomato, and yuzu lemon).  The Duck Breast Salad (baby arugala, shaved baby carrots, velvet peaches, crispy beets, prune reduction vinaigrette) features delicate, tender duck.  Toro Tartar (wasabi dashi soy and caviar) is available for those with a taste for luxury.  Although not on the menu, ask for a tuna or salmon hand roll, made with spicy mayonnaise, perfectly steamed rice, folded in a crispy wrap.
HaChi is dimly lit, perfect for a dinner date with your new crush, or to meet sexy strangers by the bar with your entourage late-night.  To make reservations at this new LES hot spot and to check out the full menu, visit their website.
HaChi.  185 Orchard Street.

(Photos via Guest of a Guest by Sunny Norton)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Signs You're Not His Girlfriend

(image via

You've been dating a guy for a few weeks (or even months).  He seems to really have fun when you’re out on dates and the sexual chemistry is hot, but you get the feeling he’s not making an effort to commit.  So what are the signs that this dude, as lovely as your time together seems, does not plan on sticking around through Valentine’s Day? I’ve seen this happen again and again with so many of my beautiful, fun, and intelligent girlfriends.  So what are the tell-tale signs he’s about to jump ship?

He Texts, But Never Calls.  Texting is an easy way for guys to avoid true communication.  They can respond whenever they feel like it (at the gym, when their mom is lecturing them, while at a board meeting in the office), but this also means they can ignore your texts when they feel like it (and only respond hours after you’ve questioned him about his plans for that evening).

He Blows You Off or Flakes.  Don’t make excuses for this guy (such as, “Oh I’m sure he’s just busy working on that project with his bro.” Or “He must be exhausted from his tennis lesson.”)   If a guy likes you and wants to continue hanging out with you, he’ll find a way to do so.  Guys go after what they want and hate to lose.

His Ex is His Bestie.  He would forget his ex if you were the girl of his dreams.  If he continues talking to her on the regular (and talks about her to you just as often), he is probably not over her or at least hoping he can still keep her around for a late-night booty call.

You Haven’t Met His Buddies.  Guys want to show off their girl.  They feel proud to introduce their sexy, funny girlfriend to their crew.

He Avoids PDA’s.  Some guys just aren’t into getting hot and heavy in public.  But, if he wants you to be his girl he will at least put his arm around your waist, hold your hand, or kiss you on the check.  Even if he isn’t the touchy, affectionate type, men want to claim what’s theirs in front of others.

Only You Initiate Plans.  You’ve asked him to happy hour, dinner with your coworkers, and your summer roof party.  He attends and you have a great time together.  But he never invites you to dinners or events.  If you stop initiating plans and it leads to him going MIA, he clearly wasn’t planning on making you his bride.

What signs tell you he isn’t looking to commit? xo

Monday, July 25, 2011

Insane Kickbox Camp at PNT Fitness

(Tara Faye via)

July may almost be over, but there are still weekends left in the Hamptons and down in the dirty Jerz by the "shore" to rock that bikini body you’ve worked so hard on. From intense spin classes at SoulCycle to outdoor sweat sessions in Central Park at Boot Camp by Lauren Gould, you’ve been all around the city taking a variety of classes to meet your weight-loss and fitness goals, while keeping it interesting.

Well, it’s time to mix it up again!  For a high-intensity, music-blasting, all around fun workout, Insane Kickbox Camp (IKC) is the place to be!  This 45 minute class is organized by 5 min intervals alternating between cardio kick box and traditional boot camp, focused on toning, tightening and strengthening.  This is a serious workout, commanding amazing results.

Tara Faye Geesaman, a talented dancer who has been instructing cardio classes since her days at Wagner College, created IKC in 2009 to get her committed fitness followers in the best shape possible with her personal training brand, Fit to a T.  IKC was offered at studios around Manhattan when she first launched this workout craze, but has now found a home at PNT Fitness, a group fitness and cycling studio in Long Island City, where Tara serves as the Education Director and as an instructor.

Tara’s upbeat and outgoing personality will put you at ease, no matter your fitness level.  She will motivate you from the moment you step into the studio, with her encouragement and educated advice.  And witnessing her sexy, fit body doesn’t hurt to give any city girl a little push to work harder.

For a full list of classes (from Butts and Gutts to Sweat Shop) and schedules, visit PNT Fitness.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Chase

(image via)

As my readers know, I'm not a wait-around-for-Prince-Charming-to-make-a-move type of gal.  I'm forward and impatient.  But, because I will "wait for no man" my aggressive tactics do not always leave room for my current crush of the moment to chase me.  Inviting him to dinners and events leaves no opportunity for him to actually ask me out.

I’m a firm believer that a woman should go after what she wants, whether it’s a new job, a healthier body, or the man of her dreams.  But, when pursuing that special man, I’ve learned you must hold back from time to time to let him actually chase you.  If not, you may never know if he is accepting your invitations to hang out as buddies or because he is interested in being more than friends.  Feel confident in your beauty, brains, and bubbly personality and ask that man out.  Just make sure he isn’t the center of your world, so you make time to be busy with the things and people you love, giving him time to notice you’re missing from his life, so he can ask you out too!  If you’ve stepped back from the situation to give him room to make a move, and he doesn’t reach out, you’ll know he isn’t interested.

Asking him out too often may also make you appear needy.  As much as I hate to admit it, women should play games during the early stages of dating to avoid looking clingy or just plan obsessed.  Oh the drama of games.

Men go after what they want.  If they want you, they will figure out a way to have you.  So, if they are agreeing to hang out when you ask, but won’t make a move when the ball’s left in their court, move on sister.  You deserve a man who finds your outgoing personality sexy, but also can’t resist asking you to spend time with him because he can’t imagine his life without you.

Do you let men chase you? xo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Great Panty Debate

(image via

The days of Sisqo and his "Thong Song" were a thing of the past...or so I thought.  Lacy boy shorts have (thankfully) made their way into every city girl's wardrobe.  The delicate lace and low rise is sexy, while the fuller coverage adds comfort.  Women can feel playful and sultry, without a strip of fabric bothering their unmentionables.  While ladies have decided this panty look is a cut above the rest, lately men have been proclaiming they still love that thong th-thong thong thong.  This finding isn't very scientific, as surveying my recent lovers and dude friends isn't always the whole truth for all city gentlemen, but it is the word on the street (and late-night rooftop of Le Bain).  This girl does appreciate a good Hanky Panky thong to avoid unflattering panty lines in tight fitting minis and skinny jeans.  But for daily comfort with sex appeal, boy shorts and even satin or lace bikinis do the trick.

Do you think g-strings are a thing of the past?  Are ity-bity thongs a Yay or Nay? xo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Affaire Launches Lunch Menu Today

Since opening in January, Affaire in the East Village has been successfully serving a French menu and strong cocktails, while providing a sexy atmosphere of weekly burlesque performances and late-night antics.  Starting this afternoon, Affaire will be serving a lunch menu for locals to escape their hectic offices and cramped 5th floor walk-ups.  

The "Le Lunch" menu will feature a few items new to the restaurant, such as a Sliced Roasted Beet Sandwich (with goat cheese, walnut spread, and arugula) served with their mouth-watering pommes frites, and a Shredded Rotisserie Chicken Salad (with sliced apples, raisins, pecans and baby spinach).  Even some of your favorites from their boozy weekend brunch menu will be available, like the tender Rabbit Salad, creamy Croque Madame and the unforgettable Truffle Mac & Cheese.

Half-naked burlesque girls won’t be around while you lunch with your coworkers or fellow freelance friends, but you will still enjoy the delicious French cuisine Affaire has become locally famous for.  Wi-Fi will be available, so you can blog, tweet, check-in, and update your status while indulging in an afternoon French feast.

Lunch at Affaire will be available on Tuesdays through Thursdays from Noon - 5PM with items starting at just $4.95.  Check out their website to view the full lunch menu, coming soon.  Affaire. 50 Avenue B.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yoga To The People

(East Village location)

From Vinyasa to Hot Yoga, with locations from Midtown to Williamsburg, Yoga To The People has it all without emptying your wallet.  The St. Marks Power Vinyasa Flow location is donation based, while the 38th Street Hot Yoga studio costs a mere $5 per sweat session.  Classes get jam packed (with up to 9 mats across each row), so arrive early to snag a prime spot.  Dress as you wish in your prettiest Lululemon pants or a baggy worn out sorority recruitment t-shirt from 2004, as there is no dress code.  

Instructors vary from class to class, but all are trained to use their soothing voices as they guide you through your own yoga flow to get you centered, stretched, and fit. Relaxing music plays throughout class, to put your mind at ease while you concentrate on your breathing, let go of the day’s anxiety and stress, and focus on yourself.  No registration is necessary; just arrive about 15 minutes before class is scheduled to guarantee your space.  

Visit Yoga To The People here for a list of all NYC locations and schedules to de-stress from your crazy city lifestyle. xo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shelter Island

I'm a sucker for a trip out to the Hamptons.  After many weekends last summer in Montauk, it's time to adventure to a new Long Island destination!

I'll be in Shelter Island for the weekend with some lovely gals working on our golden tans, enjoying cocktails at Sunset Beach, getting our boot camp workouts on by the beach, devouring seafood, and possibly meeting handsome gentlemen.  My foodie soulmate Sarah has promised to buy us ponies if we give our business cards out to sexy men.  And what girl didn't dream of getting a pink pony as a child?  Game on.

Enjoy your weekend xo

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kissable Party at The Museum of Sex

The Eatwhatever launch party at The Museum of Sex last night was filled with a little barely clad scandal.  From half naked models in skimpy Eatwhatever bikinis, to spin-the-bottle art and the always popular photo booth, it was a sexy evening.  Ladies were #kissable and the gentlemen were deliciously handsome.  Guests sampled Eatwhatever as they arrived at the event.  With instructions to “swallow then suck”, both the tiny gel cap and mint went down smoothly with a sip of Balance water.  Mini pizza bites by Slice were passed around, to indeed prove that no matter what you dine on, Eatwhatever will cure you from the bad breath blues.  Delicious St. Germain cocktails were served to get the crowd tipsy, as they viewed sexy art images along the walls of the gallery.
Patrick McMullan and his photography team captured all of the affection, while his son, DJ Liam McMullan was spinning all night.  Limited copies of Patrick McMullan’s book Kiss Kiss, were available to purchase and have signed by the famed nightlife photographer.

So go ahead and order yourself a pack of Eatwhatever to keep in your handbag, gym tote, and clutch to be truly #kissable everywhere you go. xo

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hypnotic Harmonie Launch at The Dream Downtown

Last night Khloe Kardashian hosted the launch of Hpnotiq Harmonie at PH-D on the rooftop of the recently opened Dream Downtown. Partygoers were treated to mini Harmonie infused cupcakes, served by a dancer situated atop a glittering cupcake tower, passed hor’ devours, and specialty Harmonie cocktails including the Harmonie Blush (with cranberry juice and vodka), Bubbles and Berries (with champagne), and Harmonie Mojito (with white rum, lime juice, a splash of soda, and fresh mint).
In the spirit of the slogan "Live Louder" DJ Mia Moretti was spinning all night, while guests were treated to a special live performance by electric violinist Caitlin Moe, who seriously rocked out.
Khloe Kardashian, stunning in Louboutins and a black and blue fitted mini, brought along some of her famous friends including Jonathan Cheban of Command PR, Kelly Killoren-Bensimon, of The Real Housewives of NYC fame, and Hank Baskett, who was filming in the city for his reality show with wife Kendra Wilkinson.

(photos via KirillWasHere)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dining on the Subway

You've all seen (or smelled) this nasty eating habit.  From McDonalds' fries to Chinese take-out, fellow commuters are getting down on some less-than-classy foods.  Yes, I've occasionally enjoyed a Luna Bar when rushing to the gym and I always sip my morning iced coffee from Paradiso en route to the office, but I've never, ever devoured a full meal on the train.  I've witnessed others eating everything from fried shrimp in a brown bag, to wings, and even sushi, without a care for the cleanliness of their habits or the offensive odor their cuisine is omitting.

What's the grossest food you've witnessed a rider eat on the train? Xo

Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Things I Love About Summer in NYC

(Even Bethenny loves sweet summer treats)

1. Dining al fresco for dinner, lunch, brunch, and happy hour.

2. Rooftop parties.

3. Backyard Brooklyn cookouts.

4. The pool and roof at Le Bain.

5. Weekends in the Hamptons, Fire Island, and Shelter Island.

6. Avoiding coat checks at clubs.

7. Central Park picnics.

8. Free kayaking on the Hudson.

9. Outdoor Boot Camp.

10. Adult versions of your childhood ice cream trucks all over the city (Van Leeuwen, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, & Kelvin Slush)

What do you love about summer in the city? xo

Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Things I Hate About Summer in NYC

As Candace Bushnell infamously wrote, "If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, then New York may just be mine".  But, even your greatest love can cause you pain (or have habits that will drive you nuts).  I may be in love with NYC, but there are just some things that are non-negotiables during the hot summer months.

(Getty Images via

1. The smell of St. Marks in the heat.

2. The smell of the city in general (trash bags, dumpsters, alleys, behind restaurants, etc.) in the heat.

3. Waiting for a train while sweat drips down your neck, hair, and back of your dress.

4. Subway cars with broken A.C.

5. The lack of rooftop pools in residential buildings.

6. Lugging your purse, laptop, Bloomies bags, gym tote, and yoga mat to and from work and the gym, while sweating.

7. Traffic on a Friday during rush hour to Montauk.

8. A sexy straight blowout turning into curls in the humidity en route to a first date.

9. The line at Shake Shack.

10. Fighting through tourist flooded streets in Soho and Chinatown.

What made your list? xo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guys: You've Slept With Your Friend. Now What?

(Ross & Rachel's 1st kiss via)

After giving the ladies advice on what to do after hooking up with a friend, it’s time to let the men in on what they should do (and avoid doing) after a night of lust with one of their chick friends.  We may not be interested in becoming your girlfriend, but please respect our feelings by following these rules.

Don’t Call Us “Dude”.  If you’ve never referred to your gal pal as “dude” or called her only by her last name (“What’s up, Shaker?”) before you slept together, doing it after the act is a sure fire way to hurt her feelings and piss her off.  You’ve seen each other naked and maybe even cuddled, so by talking to her like she’s one of your frat brothers is a terrible idea.  Many men seem to think it’s a way to casually let her know you think of her as just a buddy, but seriously guys there are nicer ways of letting us down.

Don’t Ignore Us.  Please remember if we were friends before we slept together, you should acknowledge and respect your now friend-with-benefits.  Avoiding is rude and immature.

Don’t Ask Us About Our Sexy Spanish Friend.  Inquiring about the relationship status of our beautiful friend is another way to just hurt our feelings.  Our girlfriends are off limits.  If you’ve been with me, you can’t have her.

Don’t Tell Us About Your New Fling.  Yes, we realize if you’re not still hooking up with us, you’re getting it in somewhere else.  But, please don’t give us detailed descriptions of your sexcapades with your hot new neighbor or the girl we saw you talking to late-night at the dive bar.  Spare us the details to spare our feelings.

Do Be Honest.  It may take a lot of balls, but letting us know that you’d prefer us to be just friends or that you’re interested in taking it to the next level is the right thing to do.  Even if what you say isn’t exactly what you think we want to hear, we would rather know what you’re looking for than play the guessing game every time we cross paths.

Men, how do you behave after a platonic friendship turns intimate? xo

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boot Camp with Fitness Trainer Lauren Gould

(The pretty and fit Lauren after a race)

Still looking for a fun and inexpensive way to get bikini ready for long summer weekends in the Hamptons?  Boot camp classes with my lovely friend Lauren Gould will kick your booty into shape in a matter of weeks for only $45 for three consecutive sessions or $20 per individual class.  These intimate outdoor fitness workouts, with only 8 spots available per session, are perfect for both beginners requiring special attention and advanced fitness gurus who are looking to change up their regular cardio routine.  

Each day is a different workout packed with a variety of challenging, and high energy exercises, specifically calisthenics, plyometrics, resistance training, sports drills, cardiovascular training (running, sprinting, stair and hill climbing), speed and agility (balance and coordination) partner workouts, and stretching.

Lauren will push you to work your best at your own pace and comfort level.  With her positive outlook on overall nutrition and fitness, she will encourage you to take the lessons learned in boot camp into your daily lives.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or just get active outdoors, boot camp classes are for you!  In just 6 weeks, clients have noticed improvements in endurance levels, lost weight, and toned up, to feel sexier and slimmer in their summer wardrobe.  

Boot camp takes place multiple times a week, usually starting at 63rd Street and Central Park West (see exact times and locations here).  Even this downtown girl loves making the trek uptown for heart-pumping boot camp workouts to keep my sexy curves looking their best.

Reserve your spot by email today!   xo

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