Monday, June 6, 2011

The Waiting Game

I'm impatient.  I've always been impatient.  I'm terrible at waiting in line to check out at Whole Foods, waiting for a job offer, and most importantly waiting for a guy to make a move.  I'm the type of girl who takes action and control in matters of life and love.  I'm the worst at playing games.  Why can't I text him if he's on my mind?  I realize there must be a bit of a chase for men to be intrigued.  If you stalk a guy, he will run and never look back, no matter how beautiful you are.  A lady must have some sense of mystery.  But, I refuse to believe a girl must wait around like a damsel in distress until her knight in shining armor courts her via gchat or text asking to grab a drink after work.  If I like a guy, I’ll invite him out for drinks or to a party with friends.  When you like someone, you want to spend more time with them to get to know them.  I prefer to move that process along by taking matters into my own hands and making plans myself.  Of course I like when men ask me out on dates, but a girl can’t wait forever to get the ball rolling with her newest crush.  Men shouldn't have all the power.  And I refuse to let them.

Do you wait around for men to make the first move? xo


  1. As a guy, obv. there's nothing wrong with this. It's not a turn-off unless someone seems desperate or unselective. Certainly, you risk that guys will accept your invitations because they think you'll be "easy," rather than because they are really into you. But by spending more time with them gives you an opportunity to impress then and see what they are missing...


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