Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ride The Beast

(On "The Beast" with my darling Kris)

Growing up as an East Coast girl by the beach, I find few things lovelier during the summer than sailing on the water and soaking up the sun’s rays for the perfect tan. Add the view of the Manhattan skyline and you’ve got an amazing date spot and New York City adventure.
Circle Line Cruises has launched a new boat that will remind you more of a rollercoaster on the water than your high school boyfriend’s yacht.  At a heart-pounding 45 miles per hour, riders enjoy thirty minutes on the water speeding past Manhattan's west side skyscrapers, and even approaches the Statue of Liberty, where you'll get closer than when riding the Staten Island Ferry (yes, I’ve been on that boat way too many times than I can care to remember).
At the Circle Line Cruises' launch of the new speedboat (aptly named "The Beast") on Tuesday, June 7, members of New York City's press (and Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford) were treated to a complimentary "thrill ride”.  The boat, gleaming with a lime-green and yellow exterior, is docked at Pier 83 at West 42nd Street and 12th Avenue.  Upon boarding, passengers are handed ponchos.  Minutes later, you’ll be soaring, screaming, down the Hudson, as the boat turns and tips.  If you’d prefer to bathe in the sun without the plastic shield, you’ll be sopping, dripping, and soaking wet, just like that wet t-shirt contest during Spring Break Acapulco 2005 (no, mom I didn’t enter the contest, just cheered on my sorority sisters and had my share of tequila shots).  Ignore your sense of fashion if you hope to return dry to shore.
Circle Line's new speedboat ride is really a thrill, unless you always end up with an upset stomach when on an amusement park ride or are OCD about getting your long locks wet.   But if you love the wind blowing through your hair, splashes of water to cool down, exhilarating speed, and an unbeatable view of New York City, make “The Beast” a must on your next date or with a group of your feisty girlfriends this summer.  Tickets are a steal at $24 for adults.  Don’t forget to bring your camera or to take a few shots of Lady Liberty with your iPhone to tweet out or post on Facebook.  Even if you’re a local, the view will make all of your crew jealous.

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