Monday, June 13, 2011

The Middle Feast

Openhouse Gallery, the pop-up space that brought New York City The Big Cheesy and Love & Paint, hosted The Middle Feast, a hummus-tasting competition on Sunday afternoon.  Participants included 12 Chairs, Pita Joe, Ba'al Café, Le Sajj, Moustache, and Toum.  Chefs from each restaurant served their signature hummus dishes alongside crunchy pita chips, crisp baby carrots, and homemade breads for dipping.  Tickets were sold for only $20 via Gilt City.
With a glass of North African wine in hand by Le Poisson, guests were ready to sample and mingle.  Sweet citrus lemon and orange juices from Bella Lula and chewy baklava from Zalatimo's Old City Bakery were served to compliment the salty and olive oil filled hummus tastings.  As a third generation Lebanese American, my mother and grandmothers made hummus weekly, served with drizzled olive oil and spices alongside eggs at breakfast or as an appetizer at dinner.  With over twenty years of hummus eating experience, I felt more than prepared to judge the best of the best at The Middle Feast.  12 Chairs was hands down the winner in my mind.  Bathing in olive oil and lemon, this creamy hummus served with warm fluffy pita bread was so delicious, I had seconds.  Le Sajj, a Brooklyn Lebanese Restaurant, came in as a close second.  This hummus was the most authentic, with a thick consistency and just the right amount of garlic, served with thin tannour bread, took me back to my grandmother’s kitchen.  Pita Joe’s hummus topped with whole chickpeas and olive oil drizzle, was also creamy and flavorful, served with crunchy pita chips.  At the end of the day, votes were tallied and the top hummus chef will get their winning recipe published in the next edition of Edible Manhattan.
Check out Openhouse Gallery and Gilt City for exclusive NYC lifestyle events and happenings.

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  1. Wow, can't believe it - all that for $20? Great deal!


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